NBA Lockout: Here’s My Take.

NBA lockout: here’s my take.

Is it just me or are you too a little bit ticked off about a bunch of millio naires arguing and complaining to/ and about a bunch of billionaires. Okay if you haven’t already guessed yes I’m talking about the NBA lockout. The lockout moves closer and closer towards compromising the NBA regular season schedule. We have to be mindful as fans that as they say “it’s not personal its business”. Or is it? Oh sure we can all sit on the sidelines and complain to each  about how greedy the players are or how selfish the owners have become, whatever. One thing is for certain. The only ones that lose in this situation is the fans. Owners don’t pay us to watch NBA games. Players don’t personally thank us for buying their jerseys. No, we contribute cause we love it.

          No one ever has to twist your arm to purchase anything you already have your heart set on. With that said I agree with both parties involved, follow. As an owner of a company your Main objective is to generate as much revenue for your company as possible. Also you want to be able to deliver a great product. However, this plan falters at some level. The owners charge us an enormous price to be a fan with no apologies to the actual product on the floor.  Losing season after losing season, bad management, horrible players all are contributing factors to a team’s overall performance on the court. If I spent $300 to see a NBA game and the home team gets blown out do I get a refund on my money? NO!. However if he team goes out and signs a superstar player or wants to build a new arena guess what comes next. You guessed it … ticket increases. As a fan you can’t win. The owners say the players are taking home a bigger share of the profits and in return forcing them to lose money. These same owners are responsible for paying these players outrageous salaries only to complain about it later.

        The whole term max player is so diluted it isn’t even funny, because of this system (which the owners agreed to in the prior 2 labor negotiations) there are only 3 levels of NBA players. 1. You have the max players, which are generally the superstars in the league. (Not always the case). 2. Mid level players, these are the burgeoning apostate in the league or the supporting cast to the superstars. 3. The bench players: roster fillers, over the hill former stars, and guys you have one foot out the door. That formula no longer sits well with the owners for good reason. You have a very low cap and 2 of your 15 man roster are consuming (in most cases) over 50% of it. Therefore you can’t afford to sign anymore good players to help you win games. Valid point made by the owners.

        Now, the players point of view. You know he Term “Don’t hate the player, Hate the game”. That rule applies here in this case Too. The players feel that they’re the actual product and the owners need to understand this position and conduct business accordingly. The players have valid reasons for feeling like the owners are at fault. As it is in all forms of business not just the NBA. A person’s/players value is not determined by their actual worth it’s determined by how much you negotiate. Is Eddie Curry a 60 million dollar player?…NO! However Eddie Curry signed a 60 million dollar contract with the New York Knicks. Fans weren’t obviously mad not at Eddie curry directly but mad at Management for agreeing to this horrible sign and trade. No matter how mad we all are the point made here is that it’s legal under the NBA guidelines. The players represent the NBA good, bad or indifferent. The average fan does not even know the name of the owner of their respective teams, To them it’s not even important. They don’t lace em every other night and entertain them for 48 minutes. Last time I checked Spike Lee doesn’t come to the garden to see the brass at cablevision (Owners). Look the bottom-line is its Millionaire’s vs. Billionaires in a battle to determine who’s going receive the Majority share of your dollar. May the best men win.

      Having said all of that I  conclude this blog by saying if you’re a fan and you plan on attending the first NBA game for your favorite team (Do me a favor)as soon as the players hit the floor don’t applaud the players, give them the silent treatment to voice your displeasure. Also don’t buy anything from the concession stands for an entire half (Ownership won’t like that). They’ll get the picture then. If you don’t want to let them know how angry you were during the lockout. Then fuck it you’re just a groupie so do what groupies do and keep riding (lol!!). Until next time. Tellmehowilooknow  leave a comment and let us know how you feel. Peace.


One thought on “NBA Lockout: Here’s My Take.

  1. I say just play ball . Give the ppl what they want.. Dont know all the ends and out of basketball but I love the sport. this blog helped me under stand what the lock out means . can we all just get along.. And play ball .lol

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