Words With Friends!!! Phenomenom

Words with friends

                Hello folks, you have any kind of smart phone, tablet or a Facebook page.  I’m sure by now you have heard of or is fully engaged in what I would call the single most addicting app to come along thus far (my opinion only). The Words With Friends phenomenon has taken America by storm. At last count there were over 20 million users connecting with family, friends or complete strangers. The premise is simple you’re playing scrabble with people over the Internet. There’s no real time table to make a move unless you’re playing against someone who is rushing you to make a word. You can play up to and over 20 different games at a time. This allows you to constantly stay busy while you’re waiting for you opponents in your other games to make a move. Brilliant!.  You can also talk trash to your opponent, (after placing a 100 score on the board, like I do) because there is a chat feature option.

                There is however some drawbacks, which should be expected nothing and no one is perfect. For example players are not penalized for putting words to the board then removing them as they see fit. In a traditional scrabble game, once you place your letters on the board they must stay or risk losing a turn. Also being that most people are playing on their smart phones this allows them to cheat. I’m sure the creators of this Game will continue to make improvements and enhancements (so let’s give them a little time to fix this). There are many apps out there designed to help those who are just interested in scoring the most points or making the biggest and obscure words ever made. Thumbs down for those of you who choose to play that way.

                Overall I love this app I recommend you try it. However I must warn you its very addictive and can consume a lot of productive hours your life if you not careful. So I challenge you to a game of words my screen name is rizzerod, and I get busy. Leave your thoughts and Words With Friends screen name and most importantly #tellmeihowilooknow.

Useful info

Where to find words with friends? At your app store on your iPhone. Or check the apps on the Android Market.

How much does it cost to download? Free! You can download it for free. You can also play it for free on Facebook with any of your friends. There is however a pay version available as well. If you don’t want to constantly see advertisements after every move.


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