Wanna hear yourself on the radio? Tired of listening to radio stations that play same 10 songs by 5 different artists? I got just the place for you. This is an invitation to all you unsigned and up and coming rappers, singers & dancehall artist.

      Log on to http://www.newyorkundergroundradio.com. Join in, create a profile, Upload your music and start listening to the hottest music the underground has to offer. Remember in order for people to start buying your albums and concert tickets to your shows you need to create a following. This is the perfect way to get the most out of your hustle. Even your boy Fatal Jones is signed up and is a part of the wave.

      Tell everybody you know to support you by logging on to the station, listening and requesting your songs for Airplay. Dollar Bill is the program director and the general of the site. Stack Ones and D Dog (on air Personalities) round out the crew.

      The site also allows you to interact with your fellow underground artist in the chat room. Connect with each other and before you know you’re recording a collab record with them. Everyone here at tellmehowilooknow co signs this website as official. If you can’t get to your computer, it’s all good you can use your smart phone. Just download the app tunein and search for newyorkundergroundradio.com. So get there and get heard. After you finish reading this blog go over there (www.newyorkundergroundradio.com) and check it out and tell them that we sent you tellmehowilooknow. Peace!


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