You are what you wear!!!

Fashion Blog my personal views:
Fashion!, fashion! This is what we live and breathe in today’s society. I know this to be true, personally because I love to be different and set new trends. So I just want to let you know my brief views on fashion. Fashion, is when you develop a signature look that reflects or enhances who you are…Fashionable, Style is being brave enough to wear white after Labor Day because you look great in it. Style is making the most of your best assets with a personal twist. Fashion style is taking risks when others play it “fashion safe.” why do you think they call it “fashion week” …so take the “Risk” Be You..Tellmehowilooknow..By NSD


One thought on “You are what you wear!!!

  1. so true.. i was never the fashion type, t-shirt jeans just the simple kinda girl. so i always thought it was a certain look that you see every body wearing on tv also in daily life.. , but i came to see that fashion is not one look fashion its what every you want it to be. nowadays you could put almost anything on and set trends lol.. good blog thumbs up!!!

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