Pull up your pants, son!

Tight jeans vs. Saggy jeans

        Every generation of teenagers have their thing that they do. Whether it be fashion, music, activism etc their one in the same.  Well here’s now generations’ version of polka dots. I remember growing up we would wear hi tip fades (or flat tops) acid washed jeans that we would later rip up to further improve our social ranking in the style category.

        I have a confession to make when I was younger I used to let my pants sag too. Jeans were only tight because they were too small, real talk. I thought I was styling when I was walking down the street. I often noticed the older people looking at me crazy like a was a vagrant.  But I knew right from wrong. If you had to hide anything from your parents then most likely it’s something wrong with it. Every time I was around my mother my pants would be pulled up where they supposed to be. If my mother ever saw me wearing my jeans like that it would be a wrap for me. She didn’t like to be embarrassed but she liked to embarrass others, go figure.

        I know that celebrities dictate the flow of fashion, whether it be Jay-Z with his button ups or Lil Wayne with his Jeggings. They play huge role in the life of young impressionable teenagers whose sole goal is too mimic them. There however, comes a time when we must break away from set trends and be individuals. It’s nothing wrong with dressing like your idol but you also need to know that that life style is not real to you. With great exposure comes great marketing power, celebs are at fault too.

        Dude wearing tight jeans and he thinks he’s killing it

        Well I rep society at large and were not feeling it

        Now if you chilling around your friends kicking back it might be cool

        But yall take it a step further & and try to pull it off at school


        You see of bunch of kids in a all huddled in a gathering

        Pants down to their knees that image is not flattering

        These kids think its stylish were hating for trying to ruin it

        & you know it’s really sad when you see grown men doing it


        Plus the jeans are so tight you gotta peel them off like Velcro

        If you want your jeans to sag then why are you wearing a belt fo (For)

        Acting like a teenager and you’re pushing thirty

        Walking like a penguin and your underwear is dirty

                                                                                                                               –          Fatal jones

Fellas!  if you’re trying to get the attention of a beautiful young lady here’s the solution. Simply pull up your jeans and she’ll look at you in a completely different light. #tellmehowilooknow

2 thoughts on “Pull up your pants, son!

  1. We have the argument of people saying “it’s the style”, “that’s I how I Rep my hood”. This is a free country; however I was taught when I walk out that front door, I represent my mother and father. I’m sure many mom’s and dad’s aren’t too proud to say “look at my boy oh yeah look again he has on kiss me boxers”.

    Young men and older men understand that you are representing your hood and your parents. Unfortunately it’s in a negative light.

    Be blessed.

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