It’s Your Fault!

Disclaimer: The following items are examples of people not thinking before they eventually act…

Ladies: If you’re wearing a shirt without a bra and every man you converse with doesn’t look you right in your face, don’t get mad it’s your fault.

Fellas: If you try to talk to a lady and she asks you “what do you do” and you stammer. Don’t get mad if she thinks you’re lying. It’s your fault.

Ladies: If a you call a man on his phone after 12: am Don’t get mad when he assumes you want sex. You called at the wrong hour for random conversation. It’s your fault.

Fellas: If a lady allows you the privilege get intimate with her, and you run around telling everybody you know. Then she stops accepting your calls. It’s your fault, and one might assume you did that on purpose.

Ladies: If you get pregnant by a guy who didn’t have a job and already had kids when you met him. Then when the baby arrives and he’s not around. Guess what it’s your fault, and one might assume you did that on purpose.

Fellas: If you go around making promises to your children, but you’re never around to keep them. You can’t be mad when your children don’t respect you. It’s your fault.

Ladies: Don’t ask a man to buy you something, without you giving him something in return. You opened up that can of worms when you asked him. So now it’s time to reciprocate, don’t get mad. It’s your fault.

People: Stop complaining about how bad things in society are. If you never get off you’re a** to make a difference you can’t complain. Life is what you make it, stop whining and get active. If not you’re part of the problem and not the solution. Stop blaming others for your able body inadequacies, it’s your fault.

Ladies: If you already know your man has a cheating heart, why do you continue to to buy things for him. You’re only setting him up with the next woman, so when he leaves…It’s your fault! (Probably best that he left anyway)

People: Nobody wants to hear your loud conversations on your cell phone in public. It’s annoying, disrespectful, and downright corny. That way when people look at you crazy you won’t get upset and start a second argument because “people don’t mind their business”. It’s your fault.

Ladies: Why do you stay in abusive relationships? That man will never change. If you continue to allow him to hit you he can eventually kill you. Sorry but it’s the truth if you stay it’s your own fault and your life is at stake. the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−SAFE(7233) or TTY 1−800−787−3224.

 Fellas: If you continue to give you woman 50% effort in your relationship, don’t expect her to give 100% in return. Eventually that good woman will leave you, and it’s your own fault.

Ladies: Sex on the first date is the probable equivalent to a one night stand. So don’t get mad if he doesn’t want a relationship with you afterwards. It’s your fault.


5 thoughts on “It’s Your Fault!

  1. Ladies: If you sleep with a man at any point and you feel like he “took” something from you, you did it for the wrong reason. You do something because you want to do not for any other reason. This is one of those times when it’s ok to be selfish…kinda sorta LOL

    Fellas: If your your pants sag with boxers fully visible or I can see your leg because you have on drawers aka tighty whiteys, you approach lady by saying “yo ma” and when asked what your occupation is you say you’re working on your album the answer she gives you may be one of the following: 1. the number is non- existent 2. Someone else may pick up that number 3. She might be the only person on earth besides the Mayans without a cellphones 4. She’s married without a ring 5. She’s waiting for her husband to come home from jail 6. she’s done the rapper thing before and can’t go down that road again 7. She’s sudden deaf 8. an odd combination of all 7

    People: If you have to shout out your haters you are doing something wrong. You shouldn’t know they exist they should lurk in the shadows of your life plotting their evil in silence and taking indirect shots at you, so indirect you don’t even know they are for you because you are too awesome too approach or for you acknowledge their existence.

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