Watch your step…Damn You just stepped in Sh*t!!!

First let me start by saying that I’m a not a pet hater or a hater of pets. I do however have issues with some pet owners. There are without a doubt a lot of great pet owners out there who carry out their responsibilities as pet owners. This blog does not pertain to you. Then there are the ones who are the complete opposite. You know the ones who don’t pick up after their dogs. They let them squat anywhere on the sidewalk as opposed to the curb. That is so disgusting and unsanitary. The last thing anyone of us want to do is step in some dog sh*t that was left by the owner. How could this be, you know as the owner/walkerof dogs know that their main purpose for being walked is so that they may relieve themselves. If you walk your dog and you do not have any bags or newspapers in your hand, what you’re about to do is blatant.

I know at some point in your life this has happened to you. You either stepped in some dog sh*t or had a bird use your head as their personal defecation target, lol. But hey we can’t control that, that’s just the natural grimy way of a pigeon. As far the dogs are concern you can’t really blame them either. I place the blame solely on the dog owner/walker. Most dog owners/walkers often brag to anyone listening about how smart or crafty their best friend is. They pretty much follow the ways and teachings of their owner. For example if you’re a lazy person that doesn’t like to walk your dog, then most likely your dog will be lazy. My reason for saying this is if you only walk your dog twice a day knowing your dog needs to go out at least three times a day that is lazy behavior. Most trained dogs will try their absolute best to hold their bowel movement. I’ve seen people walk their dogs and let them urinate right in front of the building they live in. in most cases it’s because the dogs just couldn’t hold it any longer. Some dog owners feel like this is acceptable behavior, it is not.
I especially hate those rainy days when it seems like every dog in the neighborhood takes a dump in the very path of your children. Last week when it rained right in front of the building I live in were three separate piles of dog sh*t. while walking to my car I noticed a forth pile right in front of my car door where the kids were about to get in the vehicle. Due to my cautious nature especially on rainy days I told them to wait for me to move the car up. I came this close to having my car smelling like dog sh*t on a rainy day. Double negative.
These sneaky dog owners/walkers have that catch me if you can mentality. I’ve personally watched someone walk a dog and they had all of the proper dog walking essentials. A sturdy leash, dog tags, poop bags and (if you have an aggressive dog) a muzzle. This gentleman or scumbag watched his dog take a dump in the middle of the sidewalk. He looked around to see if anyone was watching then he promptly walked off. I stood in amazement. If the city was as aggressive with dog owners/walkers as they are with parking and traffic violations maybe that can curtail some of these incidents. One of the worst things to experience is taking your children to the local park and watch them dodge and maneuver around piles and piles of dog manure.
People it only takes a few seconds to pick up after your dog. It is a major part of having the responsibility of dog ownership. This is sort of like the second hand smoke issue. I don’t smoke so I shouldn’t have to inhale your cigarette smoke. It’s not my dog so and I shouldn’t have to dodge your dog’s unpleasant pile of sh*t. like Spike said “Do the right thing” pick up after your dog. Or risk ridicule from the public or have old ladies snickering at you as you walk by, even if you’re not a part of the guilty party. #tellmehowilooknow.
Little known fact. In New York State: All service dogs such as seeing eye dogs are exempt from the pooper scooper rule. Hopefully some Good Samaritan will find it in their heart(s) to do the right thing in these socially sensitive cases.

One thought on “Watch your step…Damn You just stepped in Sh*t!!!

  1. Lmao let me start by saying love the pic of the dog cleaning his own shit up.. lol .. don’t like dogs to much but i agree owners need more than just a fine for leaving their dogs droppings on the curb or middle of the walk ways.. they need to make pampers for dogs and their owner need a ass kicking cause that what ppl feel like doing when they accidently step in some dog shit .. and them birds is the worst omg can’t really do any thing but try and dodge the shitty drops lol.. good topic …apple

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