The Great Debate!

We here @ tellmehowilooknow were sitting down @ our round table going over topics to write about. Then eureka! after seeing a Beyonce video (Single Ladies) followed by a Ciara video (1,2 step) got us thinking. Looks, Sales, popularity and songs aside who’s the better dancer?. I’ve seen Beyonce do some crazy ill dance steps in her videos (in high heels) and i’ve also seen Ciara do some crazy dance steps too. Now, we are aware that there was a little dispute a few years back regarding similar song title and concept (If i was a boy by Beyonce, Like A boy by Ciara). The two artists never really fell into the trap off the media comparing the two, cooler and smarter heads prevailed (Great job ladies). This is in no way to encourage or spark a debate about who’s the better artist. This is based solely on dancing ability and overall performances. Who ya got? B or CC? #tellmehowilooknow.

Beyonce Single Ladies

Ciara 1,2 Step


5 thoughts on “The Great Debate!

  1. I say cc hands down.. that’s my girl but over all ciara dances look more natural / lose like freestyle vs beyonce dances looks rehearsed and put together.. ciara stick to dancing and beyonce stick to singing that’s it….apple

  2. From these two videos Beyonce, hands down but overall Ciara. The Like a Boy video, The Ride video. Beyonce couldn’t pull those off but Ciara could reenact any one of her videos any day.

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