Happy Halloween: A Hip-Hop Horror Story!

Happy Halloween (If that’s possible)
The following blog Posting is a Hip-Hop Horror Story told to you by Fatal Jones. Enjoy Muah Ha Ha Hah!
Verse 1: Freddy Krueger

I got beef with Freddy or so it seems

He tried to catch me sleeping “I told him only in your dreams”

He tried a swing at my face his claws barely missed me

I dodged it turned around and punched him in the kidneys

Then I ran up the block, i tried to get away from him

Dipped in this alley but I still saw him coming

In this midst of all the action this guy is telling jokes

Because every time he talked, he laughed when he spoke

Now I aint no chump but he is a scary dude

So i ducked under a garbage can, now i can barely move

He shouted “You can run but you can’t hide you won’t get far

Come out come out wherever you are” (Haha)

Then i  seen a metal pipe laying right next to me

I’m about to take a chance and expose myself fully

Soon as he walk past i bashed him in his head

And hit his *ss repeatedly until knew he was dead.

Verse 2: Jason Vorhees

Thought I heard noises so then I made my break

Got the hell off Elm Street and headed towards the lake

I seen a boat at the dock, i was about to go board it

Then suddenly I heard some noises coming from the forest

I picked up this log and slowly walked to the boat

Cautiously but then I got grabbed by the throat

Lifted in the air my legs started swinging

Took a glance at the culprit couldn’t believe what I was seeing

Couldn’t see his face this guy had a mask on

Couldn’t break loose either man this guy was mad strong

One hand had my throat the other had a Machete

Felt I was about to die but I wasn’t ready

Then I stopped jerking played like a I was dead

He threw me to the ground, then I ran off instead

Forget being a hero yall can call me a sucker

This dude aint Freddy he’s bigger than a mother F*ck@r

Verse 3: Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray

So kept running until I got to this factory

It looked abandoned but sold toys actually

I hopped the damn fence then headed towards back

Went towards this black door and it was slightly cracked

So I crept in but didn’t see any employees (Hello)

But I didn’t care I’m trying to hide from Jason Voorhees

So im walking backwards ever so gentile

Almost tripped on this doll so I kicked it in the temple

“Ahh” I could have sworn that doll yelled

Im thinking forget that the doll then I heard “burn in hell”

Now i’m thinking to myself what in the hell is going on?

But when I turned around the damn doll was gone

Man that is so weird

Then “Geronimo” suddenly it appeared

Swinging from a rope he kicked me in the chin

I was knocked back violently, then fell into this bin

He hopped in this toy car then started ramming me

The wild thing is this doll kept using profanity

“Ha ha ha you mother F^ck^r you want to kick me in my face?

I’ll make sure you wished you never came to this place”

I’m thinking “Damn this is not what’s popping”

I’m bleeding from my mouth and a have a big knot on my noggin

Forget that I jumped up, then next thing I did

Was back him into a corner he said “i’m sorry, forgive me, i’m just a little kid”

Then i paused for a few, i started to think twice

Next thing you know he pull out a knife

He stabbed me in my knee cap, then I fell onto the canvas

Then he promptly gagged me up with some old bandanas

He tied my hands and my feet I couldn’t move actually

Next, he put his hands on my head then!… He ran out of batteries!


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