15 minutes of fame: viral stars of the internet!

1. Antoine Dodson: “Well obviously” we chose him as number one because this guy made himself an instant star with his flamboyant nature. I must admit though when I first saw the clip I cringed thinking this is so typical of the media. Put the most outrageous person on the air and let him make a fool of his self. Not to mention the song that was created using his own statements made on the news program. Sidebar: I wonder if they ever caught the Lincoln Park rapist.

2. William Hung: “she bangs, she bangs” how could we forget this guy. He made himself into an instant star when appeared on American idol (2004). William, a very simple and humble guy with a nerdy pocket protector look made everyone laugh with him not at him with his rendition of Ricky Martin hit song she bangs. It was an honest effort, fun while it lasted. Sidebar: I heard William doesn’t get out of his bed if the price isn’t upwards of 20K a show, Balling!

3. 50 Tyson: “I ain’t gonna lie man, I’m 50 Tyson” perfect name for this guy a complete mix of 50 cent and mike Tyson. 50 Tyson had everyone in a frenzy when he started recording his video blogs and telling everyone his album is coming out soon. Everyone seems to be trying to ride his wave. Keep the videos coming 50 Tyson. We’ll be watching. Sidebar: Still working on that album, huh!

4. Ted Williams: “man with the golden voice” this gentleman was homeless at the time of his now infamous YouTube video. He was standing on the side of a road when a man in a car (who had previously seen and most importantly heard him before) decided to tape him performing his golden voice. He became an overnight celebrity. He was everywhere his life story is truly amazing we only hope the best for him and his family. Sidebar: We just hope he continues to stay on the straight and narrow.

5. T Baby: “It’s so cold in the D” I remember when I first saw this video, it was on worldstarhiphop.com. The headline for the video said the worst hip hop video of the year. It was funny, it was low budget, offbeat at times. But you know what that made it a viral success. Sidebar: T Baby were all waiting for the remix don’t keep us waiting much longer.

6. Beetle Juice: “I’m the best brother” this guy is a straight up legend. Beetle Juice became famous by his numerous appearances on the Howard stern ration show over the years. He even had a cameo appearance in the blockbuster movie scary movie 2. You have to watch beetle juice to truly appreciate his natural talent. Sidebar: His head maybe lil but his talent is big!

7. Latarian milton: “It’s fun to do hood rat stuff with my friends” this lil boy was so outrageous that he even had an episode of the boondocks centered around his real life story. He reminded me of a young Doe Boy from Boyz N The Hood. Sidebar: watch out South Florida i think lil Latarian just got his license.

8. Eli Porter: “I did it” this young man blew up seemingly overnight when a video was posted of him and another rapper battling. The headline to this video on YouTube read “worst rap battle of all time. Eli started off fluid but then all of a sudden he froze up in the middle of verse. Sidebar: It should be noted that Eli porter may have some sort of disability physical & or mentally.

9. Sitting on the toilet girl: “sitting on the toilet” basically this girl was singing the words sitting on the toilet and it blew up over 40,000,000 hits. Sidebar: No word if the toilet ever recovered from her blowing it up.

10. Shardinay: Many of you may not know or heard of this singer from the UK. Neither did I until I was surfing the the net and saw her video under the headline on a website called nowyouknowyoudeadazzwrong.com this is a funny song. At least is to me, She instantly reached over 200,000 hits. The very beginning of the song is by far the funniest part of the video you’ll see why. Sidebar: she recently recorded a remix to Oh Boy this time with a different rapper.

There you have it. That’s proof that in america success can find you and anyone can be famous. Well at least for 15 minutes. Tell us what you think about this blog and others, did we miss anything, not happy with the order. Then let us know, see ya next time #tellmehowilooknow.

2 thoughts on “15 minutes of fame: viral stars of the internet!

  1. lmoa.. very funny beetle juice is my fav ,, then come s 50 tyson ..lol that boy eli got bars 2 lol.. its amazing how ppl with disabilities dont count their self out . and goes to show talent is every where and doesnt discriminate..love it …apple

  2. My opinion (also the reasons why I’m going to hell in a hand basket) In Numeric order:
    1. Antoine Dodson wasn’t just an example of why we shouldn’t let black people speak to white reporters on the news, he was a prophet! They really are raping everybody out here!
    2. William Hung is the reason why disabled people have to try so hard to get disability because there are those who are disabled (like this gentleman) who won’t just take the free tax dollars, they continuously work!
    3. 50 Tyson refer to the William Hung comment and also when all else fails stick to what you know and what can you never forget?! Your name! I’m 50 Tyson. I’m who? Mike Jones. F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S we already know so dang!
    4. Ted Williams I can’t really say anything bad about him, except…what kind of homeless guy is he?! Most homeless people exploit even the smallest pieces of themselves to make some change and he has this voice and he was doing nothing with it?! Epic fail!
    5. T Baby All I can is WTF! I laughed so hard not because it wasn’t a heart warming video about they’re hood but because the chick in the back was rocking and dancing like it was conscious rap video and orange braids are still rocking in the D?!
    6. Bettlejuice I can’t…
    7. Latarian Milton A prime example of why beating your kids should be legalized and why George Bush failed us with that no child left behind crap. “it’s fun to do hood rat stuff” Word?! That’s what you thought was an appropriate answer?! I wanted to beat him myself! He made me so mad!!!
    8. Eli Porter refer again to the William Hung comment and include the following addendum: Don’t start talking smack if you know something that no one else knows and may never find out because you have to take the pregnant pause! SMH
    9. Sitting on the toilet girl I had never seen this before but Word?! Really?! SMH I need black people to do better
    10. Shardinay I don’t really know what to say…I mean maybe her and the chicks from the it’s hard out here in the D can get together and their low budget powers combined can make a likeable song? IDK

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