Words We Live By & Their True Meaning.

Cliches: what do they really mean

Some of the sayings people use….”cliches”….such as
1Don’t count your chickens before they hatch…

True Meaning: This phrase is commonly used when referring to something that is projected as opposed to being absolute.

Hood Meaning: Don’t count on hitting the number this month to pay your bills.

2. If you can’t take the heat stay the f^^k out the kitchen…

True Meaning: This one applies to those of us who can’t deal with certain stress/pressures in life and you need to remove yourself from that situation.

Hood Meaning: If you know you can’t fight then put down your hands.

3. Give them a inch and they want to take a mile…

True Meaning: When people just aren’t satisfied with the amount you give/lend them.

Hood Meaning: Enough is never enough.

4. Give a person enough rope, so they can hang themselves…

True Meaning: When your so called true story is revealed to be a bunch of lies (indirect self Admission).

Hood Meaning: You had to keep talking right, now you just snitched on yourself.

5.what you eat don’t make me sh^t…

True Meaning: Nothing you do affects me.

Hood Meaning: I Don’t Give a F^^k what you do (Kick rocks).

6. Don’t cry over spilled milk…

True Meaning: This phrase is used when a person is simply conveying a message to another person that they are not worried about issues that they have no control over and/or do not care about.

Hood Meaning: What’s done is done, i don’t care keep it moving.

7. Actions speak louder than words…

True Meaning: This is a very popular and overused Cliche simply means “show and prove”.

Hood Meaning: Don’t talk about it be about it.

8. Apple don’t fall far from the tree…

True Meaning: This statement implies that there is a genetic history of doing things. Mostly reffering to a negative action or behavior.

Hood Meaning: He ain’t Sh*t just like his daddy.

9.Money don’t grow on trees…

True Meaning: We’ve all heard this one a million times in our lives. It’s true definition is a creative way of telling someone you’re not rich “stop asking me for money!”

Hood Meaning: “I’m not rich, i don’t have it!. If money grew on trees i’d buy a forest”


10.Never burn bridges…

True Meaning: Despite your position in life you never know when you may need someone. Treat everyone one with respect.

Hood Meaning: The next time you tell someone to kiss your ass, will be the last time you tell someone to kiss your ass. Life has a strange way of humbling people, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of it.

11. Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it…

True Meaning: This one is commonly used when someone is constantly bringing up old subject matter that was supposedly squashed already.

Hood Meaning: You said what you said already a long time ago and you’re still bringing it up, get a life!

12. What goes around comes around…

True Meaning: Implies that whatever you put out in the universe will eventually come back to you good or bad.

Hood Meaning: Karma is a Bitch!

13. Can’t turn a ho into a housewife…

True Meaning: Some women are simply not cut out to be the woman you can create a loving family with. Too much scandalous behavior.

Hood Meaning: “That’s not your girl, that’s everybody’s friend”

14. A man is going to be a man…

True Meaning: Basically means that you have to disregard any unfaithful behavior from your man because he’s simply doing what comes natural.

Hood Meaning: All men are dogs!

15. Mommy’s baby, Daddy’s maybe…

True Meaning: This one is implying that we know that the woman is the mother of the baby because she obviously had the baby. As for the father that could be any man, most men have their friends and family members put this thought in their head if there happens to be any doubt about the paternity of the child.

Hood Meaning: we know she’s the mother but are you sure you’re the father?

These are just some commonly used phrases and cliches we use in our everyday vinacular to help creatively describe how we feel at the time. Most great quotes are born from these such statements and phrase patterns. I know we missed alot of them so if you know any more good ones and want to share it with us be my guest and leave a comment #tellmehowilooknow.


One thought on “Words We Live By & Their True Meaning.

  1. Lol i love the apple cliche .. But very good we as ppl use these terms every day and some of us don’t even know the true meaning lol i guess it just sounds good .. Thumbs up …. apple

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