Thanksgiving: Are you a Thanksgiver or a Thankstaker?

Well folks it’s that special time of year again. That time when most of us gather around each other to enjoy a feast, also to celebrate all that we are thankful for. For some that may mean more than others, but it’s still a special day. I won’t go into anything deep about the true meaning of thanksgiving, when it started, who was responsible for tha overall idea. Or even what did the first meal consist of, no we’re not going there. Our main focus is to basically see which category you fit in, are you a giver or a taker?. We’ve all have had some memorable Thanksgivings in our lives some better than others but hey that’s life right.

To me there are only two types of people that can be described on/for Thanksgiving. There are givers and takers. Here are some brief examples of the two:


  • The people who take the time to prepare and cook the meal.
  • The People who run to the Store/Market get all of the neccessary items to help with the dinner.
  • The people who open up theirs homes to Family & Friends.
  • The People who take the time to help at Soup kitchens/Shelters and Hospitals.
  • The People who who arrive at your home with a dish.
  • The People who contribute with the cleanup at the gathering.
  • The People who say grace and constantly think of others who are less fortunate.


  • The People who arrive at your home just to freeload.
  • The People who invite other people to your home unannounced.
  • The People who complain about chipping in to help make the day a success for everyone.
  • The People who won’t lift a finger or contribute a penny at all.
  • The People who try to enforce their beliefs about Thanksgiving in a negative light because they’re miserable.
  • The People who do not bring anything “to the table” but expect alot from those who do.

These are just a few examples of Givers and Takers which one are you. Which category do you fall in?. Did we miss anything or do you like to add anything let us know, leave a comment and share it with your friends to see what they say. On that note we’d like to Say Happy Thanksgiving to the Givers and Takers alike. My mother always said never to deprive anyone of food even though we know there is good reason to say NO!. So enjoy your collective meals and Stay Blessed. #tellmehowilooknow.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: Are you a Thanksgiver or a Thankstaker?

  1. I like this one .. Imma a giver that’s just in my blood i get it from my mommy .. lol love helping out either way i could.. takers on the other hand say they thankful but just look forward to the tasty dishes i mean we all do . but its sharing the moment as family & or friends that means the most to me… or us givers ….apple

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