Never mind me, i’m just blogging out loud!

Don’t you just hate it when…

  • People press both directions for the elevator!...makes no sense you’re either going up or down. Besides it won’t make it come any faster. (people who constantly press the button irks me too.)
  • You ask someone for directions and they don’t know so they turn around and ask other people for you. Hey! it’s okay if you don’t know i can ask people myself the same way i asked you “myself”, thanks anyway i guess.
  • People with bad breath always want to tell you secrets. It’s not that serious man i’ll just wait for everyone to leave before you tell me the rest.
  • You talk to someone who has a booger hanging from his or her nose (man down!). Always an awkward situation for me, how do you tell them without embarrassing them.
  • People spit when they talk. Nuff said!
  • When you see parents who dress way better than their kids!. They need to wipe their kids nose and buy them some clothes. Meanwhile, youre looking like a million bucks and your kids are looking like a charity case.
  • You see parents who either let their children walk a mile in front of them or a mile in back of them. It’s like they’re asking for someone to kidnap their children. I hate seeing this!
  • When people ask you for the same thing twice. You asked me for a dollar when i went into the store, i didn’t have it. Then you asked me again after i left, Don’t you realize i’m less likely to have it now since i brought something. The answer is NO!

  • When you’re obviously standing in line and someone walks up behind you and asks “are you online?”. “No, i just like standing here behind everyone else that just so happen to be on line.


  • People sing out loud when they have on headphones (they can’t sing, but most of us have that problem) but they’re singing the wrong lyrics to one of your favorite songs. I just want to snatch them up and tell them to SHUT UP! you don’t know the words just hum the song to yourself.

Well there you have it another day another blog. Remember we’re just blogging about the very same things you maybe thinking in your head. Let us know if you got anything to add, i know there are a lot of things that aggravate you on a daily basis, tell us. #tellmehowilooknow.

4 thoughts on “Never mind me, i’m just blogging out loud!

  1. I like !! Im guilty of pressing the elevator more than once lol shit be taking to long .. Lmao.. wish i had something to add but i got carpal tunnel in my brain lol but y’all said it best good job…

  2. Carpal tunnel subsided lol . i got one don’t you hate when some one you know spell s / or says your name wrong or all the time even family…. how well do they really know you then ?? lol

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