Top 10 Eddie Murphy movies ( to date)

Welcome Back Folks we return with another Top 10 list. This time featuring the the movies of Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy has had quite the career spanning over 25 years spearheaded by his Saturday Night Live role(s). Eddie became an instant star and immediately started making movies. The following movies are just our personal favorites yours may differ.


10. The Nutty Professor

Personal Feelings: Eddie was hilarious in this movie, playing multiple roles and offering something different with each character.

Memorable Moments: Buddy Vs. Reggie, at the comedy club when Buddy gets his revenge on the witty comedian (Classic).


9. Beverly Hills Cop

Personal Feelings: This movie catapulted Eddie into the Hollywood strastophere.

Memorable Moments: The banana in the tail pipe is a classic scene.


8. Harlem Nights

Personal Feelings: By far one of the funniest movies ever. i don’t care what anybody thinks.

Memorable Moments: “Oh so you wanna hit people with garbage cans? Now i got to cut ya”.


7. Dreamgirls

Personal Feelings: Eddie steps out of his comedy comfort zone and gives an Oscar worthy performance as Jimmy Early.

Memorable Moments: Eddie’s “I meant you no harm” performance.


6. Boomerang

Personal Feelings: I feel that this is probably one of Eddie’s most underrated films, i enjoyed this movie top to bottom.

Memorable Moments: “You are going to turn down a p*ssy like this?” -grace Jones as Strange.


5. Life

Personal Feelings: A another very underrated movie featuring two comedy legends Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence.

Memorable Moments: ” You gonna eat your cornbread?”


4. Trading Places

Personal Feelings: Straight up Classic! you can pretty much tell from this movie he was on his way to super stardom.

Memorable Moments: “I’m a karate man we bruise on the inside but you wouldn’t know that cause you’re a big Barry White looking mother F^cker”.


3. Raw

Personal Feelings: The second greatest stand up comedy movie ever, in my humble opinion.

Memorable Moments: Italians & Rocky, Mr. T & too many to recall.


2. Coming To America

Personal Feelings: One of the greatest comedy movies ever made, period.

Memorable Moments: Sexual Chocolate!, Sexual Chocolate!!!


1. Delirious:

Personal Feelings: The single most funniest stand up movie ever! hands down.

Memorable Moments: Too many to recall. (big brown shark, ice cream, Jermaine stop teasing lol)


No matter what Eddie Murphy does from here on he will always rank as my favorite actor/comedian. This man is pure genius i acknowledge that he has had some big flops in his esteemed career. Flops like Pluto Nash, Metro (even though i like that one) Bowfinger, Holy man, i’ll just stop there. Do you have any Eddie Murphy favorites we missed? let us know @ #tellmehowilooknow.


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