People from BROOKLYN: Michael Jordan

…And we’re back! Periodically we will do blogs about famous, interesting &/or historic people from Brooklyn. Since Brooklyn is such an historic place and worthy of it’s own distinction (seperate from New York City). There have been so many important people who have at one time or another called Brooklyn their home. Whether you were born here, raised here or just moved here there’s no denying that good ole’ Brooklyn pride.

Michael Jordan:

When most people think of Michael Jordan the first thing that comes to their mind is “He’s the greatest basketball player of all-time”. Who can honestly debate against that? the man has pretty much accomplished everything there is to accomplish in professional basketball. MJ single handedly changed the sport of basketball in many different ways. Globally, Economically, he gave the NBA a new fresh face he revitalized a league that used to tape delay their NBA Finals games. MJ basically started the the signature shoe craze that swept the NBA in years after the release of the initial Air Jordan shoes. There were players who had their own shoes back in the day but Jordan & Nike changed the game and upped the ante. The Air Jordan shoe is the highest selling shoe line in the history (Collectively). MJ had the heart of a lion, he was a winner by all definitions, there will never be another Michael Jordan take that to the bank.

Michael Jordan career stats & achievements:

6 Time NBA Finals champion

6 time NBA Finals MVP

2 time Olympic Gold medal winner

career 30.1 scoring average (Highest in NBA History)

14 time NBA All-Star

5 NBA MVP (regular season)

the list goes on and on, MJ is the standard in which all great players are measured.

Brooklyn Connection:

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on February 17th 1963 in Cumberland Hospital which is located in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, NY. Michael however did not grow up here in Brooklyn his family moved to North carolina when Mike was still very young. Most people thought that i was fooling them when i brought up this topic many years ago, but it is indeed true look below and here it from the man himself.

Ever wonder why Spike Lee and Jordan did those Air Jordan Commercials wearing a Brooklyn hat, see the connection (Spike Lee represents Fort Greene, Brooklyn as well. Eventhough he himself wasn’t born here. However he was raised here, He was born in Georgia)

Spike Lee is almost better known for being a rabid die hard New York Knick fan as he is for the movies he’s directed. Spike like many people shares a great deal of admiration for MJ beyond doing the Nike “It’s the shoes” commercials. he would even include MJ and his widely popular Air Jordan shoes in probably his best film to date “Do The Right Thing” (look below)

To make a long story short Michael Jordan is apart of a glamorous list of people of prestige who has accomplished so many things in their esteemed lives, who by the way just so happen to be from Brooklyn.

Stay tuned we’ll continue to bring you blogs about people from Brooklyn, maybe even enlighten you to a few new things about Brooklyn if you already didn’t know. But before i go i just have one question to ask you..”Is Brooklyn in the house?”

Brooklyn Fact: If Brooklyn wasn’t apart of New York City it would be the 4th largest city in America behind only New York City (minus Brooklyn), Los Angeles & Chicago. With a population total of 2.5 Million people according to the 2010 US Census data.



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