Is It Me Or…

Back @ it this time we’re just stating the obvious as it pertains to us. You know how sometimes you just notice things that other people don’t until you mention it to them. What i mean is something could be happening right in front of you and you don’t see it, but when you do it becomes common knowledge. For example…

Is It Me Or…

  • Does Taraji P. Henson always look like she just finished crying, even when she’s smiling. lol we still love though.

  • Does Samuel L. Jackson only acts in movies in which he’s always yelling. It’s real, think about it. Love him though.

  • Or does Cicely Tyson only play older women in all of her films, lol. Jane Pittman, Harriet Tubman & Roots to name a few. We’re not trying to discredit the legend but it seems to true..

  • Or is Lebron James being lied tyo by his barber. Either get it touched up or cut it off Lebron. There is no excuse for this you have a lot of money my man. Keep (Baldin’ i mean) Ballin’ though..

  • Or is Tony Bennett the only singer in the world that’s respected for not being a real good singer. Think about it he talks instead of singing. Am i the only one who feels this way c’mon people. Still respect him though, don’t want to end up swimming if you know what i mean (wink, wink)..

  • Or is Maury Povich the laziest talk show on TV. They only do 3 different topics DNA, Lie Detector & Cheating. By the way did i mention it’s a brilliant concept, lol laughing all way to the bank (cha ching).

  • Or does Wendy Williams kind of resemble…Chewbacca. Sorry Wendy, but just a lil.

Lol in many cases we’re just having fun folks, but if you can think of anything/one that we didn’t let us know. Keep supporting us and we’ll keep the content coming, see ya…oh and uh #tellmehowilooknow.


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