Merry Christmas! Naughty or Nice List

So it’s that time of year again, Christmas time!. Around this time of year Santa Claus is gearing up for his global trip to every household in the world. We here @ #tellmehowilooknow have some connects in the North Pole who gave us a sneak peak @ Santa’s annual Naughty Or Nice List. You can probably guess some of the people on his list. Some however may shock you, Good and bad.

Naughty list

  • Casey Anthony– Do we have to say why? this girl literally got away with murder!.
  • Kim Kardashian– Everything is Kim K’s fault. Bad economy, higher taxes, global warming & etc (lol). But for real folks Santa said she made his list for staging a wedding with a person she didn’t even love (at least it seems that way to the public). Then gets caught cheating on him (her husband). Finally calling its quits after just 72 days of marriage this chick is grimy..
  • Kobe Bryant– Kobe Bryant made the list as well after (allegedly) cheating on his wife of 10 years again! Kobe my man that move probably just cost you  half of everything you own. Good luck Kobe..
  • NBA– Everybody involved the players, the owners, the networks, the media. For dragging us into this sham of a lockout that was supposed to cure all of the ills of professional basketball in America. All it did in return was post pone the NBA season until christmas. Many people will say that the owners won this battle, i say the players won because in the end they’re still still getting paid and overpaid.

Nice List

  • Mark Zuckerberg– It’s well known that this man is changing the way the world communicates with each other through his social media conglomerate Facebook. He’s made a fortune off of this website and decided to give back. He donated a whopping 100 million dollars to a school in NJ. Even though this happened in 2010 we felt an obligation to report this to inspire other billionaires to give back as well, let’s see if it works (fingers crossed).
  • Jay-Z– for donating and raising money for his very own charity called the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation with his mother to help kids pay for college. Well done Young Hov. Jay was also picked as one of GQ’s 2011’s men of the year!

  • Occupy Wall Street– Whether you for or against the issues they represent one thing is for sure you have to respect people who come together and stand up for what they believe is right. Good or Bad let’s see where this goes.

Secret Santa– This is for all of you out there who chose to be a secret Santa to some deserving child, Thumbs Up!

  • Braylon Edwards– NFL player that made good on a $10,000 pledge to 79 college students across the nation if they graduated from college with at least a 2.5 GPA. After only hearing about negative news this kind of news warms the heart. Good Job Braylon.

So there you have a just a lil sneak peek into Santa’s Naughty or Nice list. Do you think you know who else is on his list, let us know. As usual we can be reached @ #tellmehowilooknow.

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! Naughty or Nice List

  1. LOL you missed a few:
    1. Jennifer Lopez and cougars around the world: how dare you leave an established man for a tenderoni! Leave them to the young’uns. There is already a shortage. It’s hard in these streets! LOL
    2. Kim Kardashian…again: you finally got somebody to overlook how Ray J tore it down and you leave him?! Smh get your life together Kimmy!
    3. The Jordan mob: Really?! All that crazed behavior for sneakers that will be back in a few months?! Really though? Growing up most of us made that faithful trek to wait for jordans but this got out of control. You should be ashamed.

    Nice list:
    1. Nino Brown: for showing the gangsters that are getting money hood etiquette.
    2. Kanye West: for sticking to what he is good at (the music) and for not making a public spectacle of himself in the last few months causing black people to be set back 500 years in the eyes of our caucasian counterparts.
    3. Will and Jada: for not making domestic issues public and still leading us to believe that longevity with black love is possible.

  2. that secret santa one is cool. i always wanted to be a part of it. got to get my paper straight though. like your blog topics keep em coming.

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