…Things we expect to happen in 2012!

So the new year is upon us and with it we here @ tellmehowilooknow have composed a top ten list of the things we expect to happen in 2012!. Please keep in mind that these are based solely on our reasoning, so enjoy folks…& if i don’t see you again before the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR not NEW YEARS as some folks often say (Sorry just a pet peeve,lol).

10. Air Jordan 2012!- After all these years im still a big fan of the Air Jordan brand.

Air Jordan 2012?

9. New Fatal Jones Music- What don’t look surprised, you never heard of him? then take a peek.

8. New York Knick Championship- This one maybe wishful thinking but hey it’s my blog and i can dream if i want to.

New York Knicks

7. Thundercats Movie- This movie was expected to be released/premiered as early as 2007 let’s hope this year it will come to fruition.


6. Brooklyn Nets- Professional B-Ball comes to Bklyn. As a Knicks fans i could care less but as a Brooklynite i must admit it’s kind of a big deal. GO Brooklyn! but not the NETS.

Image of the Barclays Center

5. New JAY-Z Album– Blueprint 4? hmn i guess we’ll have to wait a lil but i fully expect Young Hova to release a album this year.


4. More Jobs- This is needed more than anything on this list and should probably ranked number 1. Let’s hope that 2012 we can shake this bad economy and get back to business as usual and get people in America working again (Fingers Crossed).

More Job Growth in 2012!

3. GTA 5– You probably will have to be an avid video game fan to understand this one. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the single most anticipated video game of the year im calling it. Hoping that it does released in this calendar year.

Grand Theft Auto 5

2. The World Will Not End!- Sorry folks i know there are many people predicting the end of civiliaztion on Dec 21 2012. But i have inside information confirming it will not happens. Sorry to the Mayans. GOD himself stated that no man or woman will know the the date and time in which the world will end.

This is supposed to happen this year.

1. Barack Obama Relection– Self explanitory.

Don't Forget to vote this year!

There you have it folks if you disagree let us know. If you have your own list, let us know until then see ya soon in the new year! #tellmehowilooknow.


8 thoughts on “…Things we expect to happen in 2012!

  1. My favorite is number 9! And thank you for saying “happy new year” and NOT “happy new years”! HUGE pet peeve of mine also, and you could NOT be MORE CORRECT about what it says in the Bible!!! NO ONE WILL KNOW! (and that included Harold Camping!!!) LOLOL

    • lol thanks Shelli. didnt want to be too pompous and place myself #1 eventhough thats obviously how i really feel. thanks for your overall support of the F CORP movement.

  2. nice!! yes !!! hope more jobs for 2012 .. obama for 2012,, and the whole 2012 the worlds gonna end ..im over hearing that u so right..well said in that post … keep up the good work …

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