Top 10 Male R&B Artists From The 1980’s

Back at it with another throwback blog. We were just sitting here listening to the radio and they started playing some old school joints. So it inspired us to do a blog about the top 10 male R&B artists of the 1980’s. Here’s our list:

10. Al B Sure

Even though he only released 1 album in the 80’s (In Effect Mode) that one album spawned atleast 5 hits. Nite & Day, Rescue me, Off on your own girl, If im not your lover & Oooh this love is so. This propelled Al B. Sure into R&B stardom enough to make our distinguished list.

9. Teddy Pendergrass

Talk about a legend the late Teddy P had a slew of hits throughout the course of his career. Most of them however coming in the 80’s with hits like Love TKO, My lastest, my greastest inspiration, Close the door & Joy. Plus many many more, Teddy P had a tremendous graspy voice that lead music lovers from all over to clamour to his sound. RIP Teddy Pendergrass.

8. Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds- 

Just for the “tender Lover” Album alone. we all know that this man is an incredible singer/songwriter. His 1989 album Tender Lover put him on the map as a leading male artist. That album included several hits like “It’s no crime, Soon as i get home, My kinda girl” and definitely the smash of that summer Whip Appeal.  I still know this song verbatim, straight up classic. Babyface would have been alot higher on the list but he only released 2 albums in the decade and the first one (Lovers) didn’t respond well with listeners.

7. Keith Sweat-

Another artist that only really released one album in the 80’s, 1987’s “Make it last forever”. Which by the way is a bonafied classic songs 1-8. This album lingered so long on the charts it felt like he dominated the whole decade. I want her, Make it last forever, Something just ain’t right & How deep is your love to name a few. Keith went on to record many more hits well into the 90’s but our consentration is on the 80’s only.

6. Alexander O’Neal-

The 1980’s was very good to this man, he burst onto the scene with hit after hit. With joints like “Fake, Criticize, Sunshine” just to name a few. This man was well on his way to super stardom with the super producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis in his corner he couldn’t fail, right? Alexander was a tremendous singer in his own right but he’s probably more renown for the songs he recorded as a duet with R&B sensation Cherrelle. “Never knew love like this & most famously Saturday Love” were two chart toppers for Alex. As the decade inched closer to the 90’s his career became more of a sidebar to drugs and substance abuse.

5 1/2.

Luther Vandross- This man was simply “THE MAN” everyone’s favorite. With his unmatched vocals Luther Vandross stormed into the 80’s with a slew of bangers. “Never too much, Stop to love, So Amazing” man i could keep going. Plain and simple he has too many hits to name and his impact on music is still felt today in a major way. This man will never be overlooked or forgotten a pure legend, RIP!

5. Rick James-

Rick James B$tch! C’Mon this man was the man Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Manager. With hits like “Give it to me baby, Ebony Eyes, Mary Jane”. Man Rick was on fire in the 80’s he founded the group the Mary Jane Girls but most notably his hit song(s) that were recorded with another legend Teena Marie “Fire & Desire” maybe the greatest love duet of alltime ask around. Rick James sadly became wrapped up in drugs and alcohol abuse and began to fade as the 80’s came to a close. Rick James is truly missed by all what a talent RIP!

4. Bobby Brown-

Don’t Be Cruel, You know there was a time when Bobby Brown ruled the R&B scene. His album “Don’t be cruel” can quite simply be considered one of the best R&B albums ever recorded, ever! Nothing but smash hits on that album “Don’t Be Cruel, My Prerogative, Roni, rock witcha, Every lil step. This man dominated the late 80’s after successfully leaving the R&B Group New Edition which he was a member of. He released 2 albums “King of Stage” was his 1st and it spawned 2 hits “Girlfriend & Girl next door”. Bobby’s career took a tailspin in the 90’s not quite matching up to the previous success he enjoyed in the 80’s. He eventually married Whitney Houston, and well we know how that turned out.

3. Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie was huge in the 80’s after he decided to to leave his group the Commodores he went on to have one hell of a career and the 80’s decade were his prime years. Dancing on the ceiling, Hello, Truly, theme from Mahogony with Diana Ross. lionel seemed to always release near perfect music to fit the mood. He had a tremendous career before the 80’s but as a solo artist he exploded in that decade.

2. Prince-

Thoughout the history of Prince many people considered him the closest artist to the throne of Michael Jackson. Not to discredit Prince in any way because Purple Rain is on par with Thriller in terms of classic albums. When doves cry, Let’s go crazy, and the title track Purple Rain all made Prince into a Mega Star. Prince released 8 top selling albums in the 80’s that pretty much cemented his legacy as one of the greatest ever. Dirty Mind, Controversy, 1999, Sign Of The Times, Parade, Around The World In A Day & Lovesexy to round out the decade.

1. Michael Jackson

No description needed (many of you may consider him to be a pop artist but his R&B songs are epic) besides MJ is #1 on every music list! the GOAT!

And there you have it tell us what you think of our list. did we miss anybody, anybody on the list who you feel doesn’t deserve to be there? But remember this is only for male R&B artists from the 1980’s. #tellmehowilooknow.


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