Remember This: Garbage Pail Kids!!!

Garbage Pail Kids Trading cards

Way before Pokemon & Yu-gi-oh Cards there were Garbage Pail Kids Sticker/Cards. These were the trading cards of preference of my youth. I can still remember bumming 50 cent from any and everybody so i can run to the store and buy a new pack. These cards were gross, they were fun, & they were the clever punchline to American pop culture. In the mid to late 80’s these cards were sold in a frenzy, man i remember having so many that when i brought a new pack of cards there would probably be about 2 or 3 in the whole pack that i didn’t already own.

The images on the cards resembled another popular toy of that era the Cabbage Patch Kids Doll. Which i believe help spawn the craze of the trading cards. Everybody had a Cabbage Patch Kid doll if you were a girl you loved them if you were a boy you tried to torture them, lol. Which made a lot of sense since most Garbage Pail Kids cards made were of the torturing variety. For example you had cards like the classic Fryin’ Bryan (See Below).

This card portrays a GPK getting electricuted wearing prison stripes. They were not for the faint of heart, but they were so clever.

Still to this day i found out tha GPK trading cards are still being printed and sold you just got to be a vulture to find them.

Also if you were one of the smart ones who preseved your cards you might be in luck your collection could be worth upwards to $3,000 per edition. So start digging and maybe you’ll be able to strike it rich with a lil hidden treasure that we all knew and Loved, GARBAGE PAIL KIDS.

what are your fondest memories of GPK? let us know @ #tellmehowilooknow.


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