People From Brooklyn: Jackie Gleason

Jackie Gleason (Honeymooner days)

People from Brooklyn: Jackie Gleason (1916-1987)

Jackie Gleason the star and executive producer of the wildly popular tv series “The Honeymooners”. Jackie Gleason enjoyed great success with this show even though it was short lived. Jackie not only did a TV show about a man from Brooklyn, Jackie himself WAS from Brooklyn. The Honeymooners only filmed 39 episodes, it seemed like so much more. The show aired for only 1 season and ironically enough wasnt too popular with the TV audience of 1955. The role of Ralph Kramden (a bus driver from Brooklyn) was loosely based on his real life upbringing in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.  Ralph’s character was known to come up with alot of failed get rich quick schemes.

cast of Honeymooners

The show itself was the brainchild of Mr. Gleason while trying to write a new sketch for his then current show. One of the best qualities about the show is that despite of your ethnic Background the show was so relatable. Ralph’s character was extremely  flawed in many respects. He was a big dreamer, a bully and a lovable guy all rolled in one. No one can discount or discredit the impact Jackie had on the sitcom structure that is still used to today. His comedic timing was epic.

Jackie Gleason went on to have further success in the TV & film world. However none never really matched the furor that he received later on with the eventual success of the Honeymooners.

Jackie had received  acclaim for his Honeymooners role that pretty much have made him a icon in the television world. To this day episodes of the Honeymooners are still in syndication. Not bad bad for a boy from Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Jackie died from complications of a plethora of ailments in 1987. He had diabetes, colon & liver cancer. However ultimately it was complication from a heart attack that finally claimed his life.

Popular Honeymooner catch phrases:

And away we go!
One of these days Alice pow right in the kisser!
Bang, zoom! To the moon
So you wanna be a wise heimer
I got a big mouth
I’m the king of this castle.
Hardy har har
And the classic episode ender…
Baby you’re greatest

Proof is in the pudding no matter where you go there’s always atleast 6 degrees of separation when it comes to People from Brooklyn. Let us know what you think #tellmehowilooknow.


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