National Man Holiday: Superbowl 46 GIANTS vs PATRIOTS Take Your Pick! (Updated)

SuperBowl 46!

It’s not every year that the team you root for ends up in the championship game of their sport. Especially for me im a devoted NY Knick fan, NY Met fan & NY Giant fan. Those are my teams and in the last 25 years between the three of them i have enjoyed 4 Championships (86 NY Mets, 86-87  NY Giants, 90-91 NY Giants, 07-08 NY Giants). Those big game wins are hard to come by, therefor i cherish every moment of them. The NY Knicks have not won a championship in my lifetime. The NY Mets have won only 1 in that span as well. Of all of the championships won in my lifetime that Giants Superbowl win over the Patriots in 07-08 was by far the most fulfilling. It was the happiest i ever been in a game. I will admit though i fully anticipate being even more excited when/if the Knicks ever win. This day however belongs to Big Blue, Eli Manning’s gang of under/over-achievers (depending on who you talk to).

Eli Manning

This was another incredible gut wrenching season both good and bad at the same time. The highs of a 6-2 Start the lows of losing 4 in a row. That all means nothing right now, we’ve earned our spot in the Superbowl today despite the presence of a dominating regular season record. We win when it counts. This is the main reason why i feel we will be victorious today.

Victor Cruz

Keys to a Giants victory:

  • Pass Rush- We have one of the best pass rushing defenses in the NFL. Just pressure Tom and we should win.
  • Running Game-We need Jacobs to play big if he does we win.
  • Victor Cruz- Set him loose, send him deep it will be either a catch or a penalty. We win.
  • Secondary- Just play a solid game, and we win.

    Jason Pierre-Paul
Predictions Vs Actual Numbers
Tellmehowilooknow says:
Final Score: Giants 27 Patriots 17
Actual: Giants 21 Patriots
We were close.
Passing Yards: Eli 29-41 357 yards 3 TDs, Brady 24-48 294 1 TD 1 Int
Actual: Eli 30-40 290 yards 1 TD, Brady 27-41 276 2 TDs 1Int
Close again
Rushing Yards: Bradshaw 21-101, Green-Ellis 15-42
Actual: Bradshaw 17-72 1 TD, Green-Ellis 11-44
It’s astounding how close we came on some stats.
Sacks (Team): Giants 5, 15 hurries, 10 knockdowns
Patriots 1, 9 Hurries, 5 Knockdowns
Actual: (Team) giants 2 Sacks,
Turnovers: Giants 1 Patriots 2
Expert Predictions:

ESPN analysts

Name Score Why?
Chris Berman Patriots, 27-23 Much respect to the Giants, but I think Tom Brady is ready to top even himself.
Tedy Bruschi Patriots, 27-24 Stephen Gostkowski writes his name next to Adam Vinatieri in the book of Super Bowl heroes with a game-winning kick as time expires.
Michelle Beadle Giants, 28-25 The Giants will ride the momentum train and the backs of their defense — and I don’t like the Patriots.
Cris Carter Giants, 28-24 All I can say is “salsa.”
Colin Cowherd Patriots, 28-27 The media coverage and the tenor of the Super Bowl has been overwhelmingly New York, and I sense an upset.
Trent Dilfer Patriots, 28-27 My brain tells me the matchups are in the Giants’ favor, but my gut tells me the revenge factor wins out.
Mike Ditka Giants, 24-17 The Giants are better on both sides of the ball, and the Patriots are going to have a tough time scoring a lot of points against this defense.
Herm Edwards Patriots, 31-27 From what I’ve seen the past five weeks, the Giants are the best team going into this game, but it’s going to boil down to red zone offense. I see Tom Brady throwing four touchdowns and Eli Manning throwing three.
Mike Golic Giants, 24-20 Right now the Giants are playing better than the Patriots, and I think they’re a more balanced team. It could come down to who has the ball last, and if the Giants have the ball last, I have a lot of faith in Eli Manning to do what he did in Week 9 against the Patriots.
Mike Greenberg Giants, 34-20 I like the Giants in a big way — a big way for Big Blue. They are the healthier team, and that’s the most important factor. They’re the hotter team, and, frankly, they’re the better team. I like the Giants, and I don’t think it’s that close.
Jon Gruden Patriots, 30-27 I don’t think you can get Tom Brady twice in the same game.
Tim Hasselbeck Patriots, 27-24 Even though I see this as a bad matchup for the Patriots, I believe their ability to control the tempo on offense will be the difference in the game and will prevent Tom Brady from getting hit too often.
Merril Hoge Giants, 27-20 The NFL is about matchups, and all the matchups are in the Giants’ favor. They just need to execute.
Tom Jackson Giants, 24-20 All the emotional intangibles are in the Patriots’ favor, but I believe the Giants are a better football team — and a healthier team.
Ron Jaworski Giants, 27-21 Eli Manning is on a roll, and Hakeem Nicks will have a big game against the Patriots’ makeshift secondary.
Suzy Kolber Giants, 27-24 Finally healthy, the Giants’ D is the force they hoped it would be before the season started. Their pass rush can get Brady off his mark. Offensively, no QB has been more clutch this season than Eli Manning and he’s complemented by two weapons that weren’t available when they beat the Patriots in Week 9.
Steve Levy Giants, 31-30 Eli Manning is now just as cool as Tom Brady, although in a different way.
Kenny Mayne Patriots, 31-30 I take New England by one point because that’s the minimum a team can win by and I see it as a pick ’em game. If Ed Hochuli can explain in 30 minutes or less how a team can win by less than a point, I will believe him and make that my prediction.
Eric Mangini Patriots, 34-31 The Giants have become the trendy pick and I understand why. Tom Brady, however, is going to have better answers to the problems New York can create and he will take advantage of the Giants’ inconsistent disguise. Both teams will score a lot of points and it will probably come down to who has the ball last.
Chris Mortensen Giants, 34-24 Everybody wants to talk about the last time these two teams played in the Super Bowl. That’s irrelevant. This time the Giants are just the better team. They have played a tougher schedule and are more battle-tested.
Sal Paolantonio Patriots, 31-27 We’re in the middle of a trilogy. Super Bowl XLII was a new hope, and you can’t have a “Return of the Jedi” without “The Empire Strikes Back.”
Antonio Pierce Giants, 29-27 Eli Manning in the fourth quarter will do what he has done all year long — throw a game-winning touchdown.
Jerry Rice Giants, 28-21 The Giants are too strong on defense with Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul and Osi Umenyiora, who hopefully shows up for the game. Also, the Patriots don’t have the secondary to keep up.
Ryen Rusillo Patriots, 24-20 The Patriots will have a similar game plan to what they did against Baltimore to neutralize the Giants’ front.
Mark Schlereth Patriots, 27-24 Everything points to the Giants but Bill Belichick will have a one-back plan that attacks the Giants’ NASCAR front and keeps pressure off Brady.
Stuart Scott Giants, 31-27 I always expect greatness out of Tom Brady, but I just don’t know how New England’s secondary is going to contain Manningham, Cruz and Nicks.
Mike Tirico Patriots, 28-22 It’s hard for me to think that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will lose their second Super Bowl in five years to the Giants.
Scott Van Pelt Patriots, 23-20 The entire basis of this pick is Tom Brady, and that’s ridiculous.
Trey Wingo Patriots, 27-24 Every matchup favors the Giants, so of course I’m going with the Patriots.
Damien Woody Giants, 27-24 The Giants have two things in their favor: a hot quarterback in Eli Manning who can expose a poor New England secondary, and a pass rush that can get after Tom Brady.
Can’t wait until tomorrow to see how accurate we are.
Superbowl 42 official theme song for the NY GIANTS

Go Big Blue!


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