Amaz-Lin: The Rise of Jeremy Lin!

Amaz-Lin the rise of Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin to the Rescue

Out of no where this man comes into town with his cape on. Playing the role Victor Cruz this time in basketball form. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no its a real legit point guard. Everybody is enamored with the Jeremy Lin story. Undrafted point guard from Harvard who graduated with a 3.1 GPA. That’s neither here nor there forget about the fact that he averaged 16.4 ppg his senior year in school and still go undrafted is beyond me. Hec even last week I was mad that the Knicks decided to sign him when a proven albeit undersized guard and former Knick player Nate Robinson was available at the same price.  Didn’t understand the move I’m pretty sure the Knicks didn’t expect anywhere near this type of production from him. He was about to be cut, again. Who knew that life for a Harvard law student could be so rough. As with all aspects of life all anyone needs is an opportunity. He got his chance and ran with it.

Knick Names for Jeremy Lin:




Jeremy Lin



All he Do is Lin, Lin, Lin no matter what!

It all started when his number was called on February 4th in a game against the Nets. When he scored 25 pts & 7 Assists in a victory over Derron Williams & the Nets. Then he followed up  that performance as a starter against the Utah Jazz with 28 pts & 8 Assists in another victory. Next was the task of taking on NBA Phenom John Wall where he notched his first double double 23 pts & 10 Assists in another win. Then yesterday in his biggest test yet against the world famous Kobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers. Lin absolutely went off for 38 pts & 7 Assists in the victory. The Garden was rocking!

I Firmly believe that this trend will continue maybe not at this explosive level but rest assured Jeremy Lin is here to stay and is the missing link to any future championship success for the NY Knicks. People are waiting for him to fail i personally don’t see that happening here’s the real deal.

quote that #tellmehowilooknow.

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