Throwback sensation: Taana Gardner

Taana Gardner

Throwback Sensation: Taana Gardner

For those of you/us who are old enough to appreciate good music disco era music im sure you remember the song “Heartbeat”. You may not remember the artist (Taana Gardner) but the song itself is one of the most addictive and memorablr grooves ever recorded.

Heartbeat Single Cover

The song was recorded by one of those artist that is not as known as the artist who recorded it. For example remember that song “Mickey” another catchy simple tune but infectious nonetheless. The question is what’s the artist…think about it…let it marinate…by now you’re probably googling it right now. Give up? here’s the answer Tony Basil, i know right who? her name was Tony Basil. Unfortunately, Taana Gardner falls into this category. Her song Heartbeat was a huge hit, it spans over the decades. This song is responsible for many remakes including:

  • Musiq- B.U.D.D.Y (2007)
  • Ini Kamozie- Hotstepper (1994)
  • De La Soul- Buddy Remix (1989)

Taana Gardner was born in Newark, New Jersey. She recorded Heartbeat while signed to New York based label West End Records in 1981. Taana recorded more songs that were “when you touch me, Work that body that were dance hits but none garnered the multi genre success of Heartbeat she would be considered a one hit wonder. Nonetheless heartbeat is a classic song that will continue to be relevant throughout the ages. Shoutout to Ms. Gardner much respect #Tellmehowilooknow.


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