SneakerHead: My Top 10 Favorite Sneakers of AllTime (So Far)

Welcome Back Folks! Today we’re going to focus on what “WE” will call our favorite sneakers of alltime. This list could have without a shadow of a doubt could have been exclusively all Air jordan sneakers, but we broadened our horizons and allowed other models to stake their claim. So without further waiting here’s “our” list:

10. Foamposites:

No sneaker list will be complete without having this sneaker in the running these sneakers have created a renewed frenzy in the genre. I remember these being the first $200 sneakers ever when they first released under the “Penny Hardaway” signature shoe series.

Penny Hardaway "Foamposite" original.

9. Lebron 7:

Prior to this shoe i didn’t really care for the Lebron James sneaker line i thought that Nike was under performing his brand with marginal shoes at best. Couldn’t imagine myself ever rocking a pair of his sneakers until they finally got it right. Way right, when i saw these sneakers i immediately thought about the black and red Air Jordan 11’s it just had that epic feel to them. This sneaker definitely belongs in our top 10 list.

8. Nike Air Force Max (Charles Barkley):

These Sneakers here put Sir Charles on the sneaker map when they dropped. Before this he wore a multitude of sneakers he even wore Converse his first couple of seasons in the league. He eventually moved on to Nike and had alot of player edition shoes but this sneaker inparticular was specifically made for him, it was a success.

Nike Air Force Max (Charles Barkley)

7. Air Max 90 (Blue):

I still Remember the day i got these sneakers coming fresh off of owning and dogging the InfeRed version i was so hype when i brought these (really my Grandmother brought them for me). We got them from Pitkin Ave. (Brooklyn). I was so anxious to wear that i wore them home from the sneaker store. You know how you can tell when someone has on new sneakers, they walk different a lil more cautious and they constantly look down at their feet. That was me on that me day, man i love those kicks!

Air Max 90 (Blue)

6.  Air Jordan (Piston 6):

Even though these joints just dropped recently in the last few years they immediately jumped into my top 10 of all time the colorway on this sneaker is remarkable. Nike & Jordan perfected this craft of reinventing the Air Jordan retro line by simply playing on specific colors. of course Mike never wore these sneakers because they didn’t exist in this color but there’s always a story behind all of the Air Jordan sneakers. Also Nike & Jordan went back to the bread and butter the patent leather design always a good move on a sneaker. I just wish they would do something else with the bubble gum soles becuase after they get wet it’s over! they turn yellowish.

Air Jordan (Piston 6)

5. Nike Air Trainer Huarache (Bo Jackson):

Man these are the ones that got away! i always loved these sneakers since inception but never really could find them when i tried. Believe i tried and Tried and Tried. Story goes i brought my first pair of Air Jordan sneakers in the summer of 92 as a default (Air Jordan 7 Raptor) because i went to every sneaker store in Brooklyn & Queens looking for these and i couldn’t find them. Don’t get me wrong i loved my Jordan 7’s but i really wanted those Bo Jackson’s i called them because i seen Bo Jackson wear them in a recent commercial. I don’t know if they were ever officially considered Bo Jackson sneakers but that’s what i called. However i recently brought a pair i love them so much i’m going to buy another pair.

Nike Air Trainer Huarache (Bo Jackson)

4. Nike Air Trainer SC (Bo Jackson #4)

Much like the Barkley Air Max shoes Bo had 3 previous model shoes released before these but these we’re the one who put him on the sneaker map. The Bo Jackson trainer Signature shoe exploded in 1989. There was a huge debate going on around easter 1991 as to which sneakers to get for easter the Air Jordan 6’s or the Bo Jackson’s both we’re hugely popular that year. Nike really upped the ante with these sneakers the “Bo knows” commercials we’re at a fever pitch. Great times for those of you who were lucky enough to own a pair, again i didn’t own them until the retro release a few years ago but i still love them all the same.

Nike Air Trainer SC (Bo Jackson)

3. Nike Diamond Turf:

These joints are straight up epic! i remember seeing themon somebody’s feet for the first time i didn’t know what they were or who made them i just knew they were hot. I did something i said i’d never do, cause i never wanted to play myself. I asked the person what were the name of his kicks, when he told the Deion Sanders i was like the Deion Sanders has his own shoe?. Didn’t really care for Deion that much until i had a reason to. I had to cop these, and i did. I loved them so much when they retroe’d them a few years ago i brought a pair for my kids.

Diamond Turf #1 (Deion Sanders)

2. Air Jordan 16:

Patent Leather! Need i say more still one of the best sneakers created with or without the gaitor. Classic beauty i like to call them. these sneakers we’re my all purpose Jordans i wore them to school i wore them to work i wore them to a funeral. The only problem once again is the sole they turn yellowish after awhile no matter how careful you are. Still here’s to you MJ well done.

1. Drumroll please…Air Jordan 9 (Cool Grey)

Nothing to say except they’re my favorite color and one of my favorites Jordan shoes of alltime. Only 1 complaint, you guessed it the sole after awhile they turn a real darkish color. Good news is they’re re-releasing them this year, i might get on line now!

Air Jordan 9 (Cool Grey)

There you have our list of favorite sneakers of all time. You might notice that they’re only Nike brand shoes on my list. Well that’s because i only like Nike shoes. Tell us what you think @ #tellmehowilooknow.


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