Relationship movies that fit the mood.

Relationship Movies that fit the mood: The following movies may or may not remind you of a love you once had or still have or the one you don’t want read on at your own risk!

He’s Just Not That Into You– Self explanitory.

He's Just Not That Into You

Love & Basketball- The ultimate fall in and out of love then back in again movie. Soometimes you gotta fight for your man or in this case challenge him one on one in B-Ball!

Love & Basketball

Hitch- For that hopeless romantic whose looking to get swept of her feet or has a friend who knows someone who they think would be perfect for you! We’ve all been there before.


Boomerang- Further proof that you can’t play a player!


Bootycall- Another one that is self explanitory


Poetic Justice- Sometimes you can’t predict who you’ll fall in love with who knows it may be the neighborhood postman.

Poetic Justice

Titanic- Love has no barriers when two people find themselves and fall in love nothing can seperate them. Not money, Social class or even something as drowning in the Atlantic ocean while trying to save your companion.


Pretty Woman– Again you never know who’ll you’ll fall in love with. So don’t listen to them rappers when they say “We don’t love them H@*s” lol.

Pretty Woman

Waiting to Exhale – You man/woman ever piss you off to the point of no return? then this is the movie for you!

Waiting To Exhale

Just a few things to have you think about for all you lovers, ex-lovers and people in between relationships this should help or hurt dependiing on your situation. So next time there’s a rainy day throw some popcorn in the microwave and get under the covers and check these movies out until next time. #tellmehowilooknow.


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