(Brooklyn Nets) My home team…not!

Brooklyn Nets

(Brooklyn Nets) My home team…not!

Brooklyn Nets Logo

So it’s official now my beloved hometown now has a professional team of its own. Something to feel proud of its long been long overdue. Ever since the Brooklyn Dodgers left town we had no official home team that represented our borough/city within a city. Some of us like to call it planet Brooklyn. Sure we still have the Knicks, Mets, yankees, Rangers, Islanders, Giants & jets (sort of they play their home games in New Jersey) but none of their jerseys say Brooklyn. Nope they all say New York! Which is not bad cause we are all New Yorkers but there’s something about Brooklyn. It has always been this as far as I can remember.

Now I don’t want to deviate from my main point which is as a life long Brooklynite born, raised & still living here I would like to clearly point something out. There is nothing like Brooklyn Pride. Anytime you go out of town people can tell where you’re from just by your aura, your language & overall presence. We’re quick to tell people when we’re asked

New York Knicks

where are you from? We say Brooklyn! Proudly not New York but Brooklyn! Now with all that said you understand my passion for my hometown, but the bottom line is this IM A NEW YORK KNICK fan through and through. Nothing can or will make me change my team. I pledge my allegiance to the NY KNICKS! And that is my team win, lose or draw. First round playoff exits, inept ownership, high priced tickets to the point I cannot attend any games but that’s okay, Because that’s my team.
I must give it to the Nets though they tried their best at recruiting Knick fans, I all of a sudden started receiving emails and phone calls from the Nets organization trying to sell me tickets and persuade me to root for the real home team for Brooklynites like myself, nope no luck for them. I’m a Knick fan through and through. My son(s) could grow up and get drafted by the Brooklyn Nets i will still root for the Knicks, of course i want my son(s) to do well just not against my crew.

Knicks Vs Nets!

My undying support for the Knicks will not allow me to love 2 teams , However i will say that i will support the Brooklyn Nets in other ways. I will definitely wear the Jerseys (because they say Brooklyn), hats (Because they say Brooklyn & i will go the the games (when they play against the Knicks). They’re arent many people who feel as strong as i do but that’s okay.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter & Mikhail Prokhorov

I’m one Brooklynite who will not change my colors because we now have a team in my hometown. I won’t root against them or wish them bad luck but i won’t root for them either. Jay-Z is/was a Knick fan as well infact he’s been to more games in the Garden this Year than in the Nets home arena. I understand his position as well maybe if i was part owner of the team i would have a different opinion of the situation but since that’s not the case i don’t have to deal with it.

James Dolan “Knicks Owner”

Being from Brooklyn comes with such great pride without a doubt the Nets are playing up to the pride factor in trying to convert Knick fans from Brooklyn into Net fans. This idea will probably be extremely effective with the youth and casual basketball fans but not for real diehard Knick fans from Bklyn!. Did anybody ever think about the fact that the Nets have now alienated the whole state of New Jersey, especially northern New Jersey which serves a sa suburb of NY anyway. What about those fans do they just assume that they will continue to be Net fans. Why not join the Knicks since they’re in many ways closer now. Food for thought you do the dishes.

Overhead view of Madison Square Garden

We’ve had a major ressurgeance in New York sports these last couple of years. The Yankees are continually good each season winning the championship in 2009. The New York Football Giants have given us some of the most incredible and unbelievable moment in sports winning 2 championships  (2008 & 2012). The Jets have managed to become relevant, the Rangers are winning now & the Knicks roller coaster ride continues especially with the emergence of Jeremy Lin this season. The Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Nets all have new Arenas & Stadiums built in the last 4 years. The Knicks & Rangers home arena is being renovated to “like new status”. There’s alot to do and be proud of in this city. For the most part all of our teams are winning with the exception of the Mets and Islanders who are both in

Barclays Center

perennial rebuilding mode. I just have that strange feeling that the first Nets home game will be against the Knicks, it just feels like that will be the 1st B-Ball game played at the Barclays Center. Let us know how you feel about the Nets coming to Brooklyn. I’m interested in seeing how my fellow Brooklynites feel about this. #tellmehowilooknow.


6 thoughts on “(Brooklyn Nets) My home team…not!

  1. Hey, I’m a Nets fan. Nj Nets that is. The Nets leaving NJ is almost like the NBA ending as a TV series. It’s like the series finale was in April and now were left with only spinoffs. Yea I’ll watch once in a while, casually, but with no NJ team, there is no one game that I will be dying to see in its entirety, save for say ECF, WCF, and Finals, which even then aren’t crucial because I really don’t care which team wins. Yea I have favorite players, but just as the article implies: you don’t choose a new team at will because you feel like it, your current one had a bad season, a new one arises, or yours disappears.

    I want to follow the Brooklyn Nets, but I have a feeling the tickets will be outrageous and the team will be in financial turmoil eventually like the Knicks were. Hell, I went to 20-25 games a season at Izod/Prudential, in the baseline floor section (sec 3 row J at Izod, sec 2 row 4 at Pru), but the transportation costs to Barclays alone will be crazy, and the prices to sit where I use to will jump from about $5-$35 to say $250+. I wanna follow Brooklyn but they really have alienated NJ fans in an “OK I’m gonna go now…” fashion instead of a “Thank you for your support, it is time to grow into a bigger and better team” message.

    Also, is it me or were the new logo’s an extreme letdown? Ok, I’ll say it, they suck. They are so generic, and don’t give me that “Brooklyn likes simple designs” crap. Whoever created those logos clearly rushed them and made them as generic as possible so that in the future they can tweak it and re-invent themselves as needed. What kind of lame font is that on the word Nets? Just drop the Nets name and pick a new one already! It’s not going to save you any of the few NJ fans you still had left…

    • I always wanted to hear a real NJ Net fan perspective on the move. All we kept hearing was how they’re going to. Invert Knicks fans from Brooklyn. Not even mentioning their old canvass. Thanks for your input it was valued.

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