Can’t Take The Heat…Literally!

Miami Heat

Okay so while most people have anointed the Miami Heat the eventual NBA champs in this lockout shortened season of 2011-2012 I beg to differ. Nope I’m going a different route. I’m going to just come clean and say it yup “I’m a hater“. Not a hater in the traditional sense where a person is just jealous of something or someone else without having any knowledge to what it is they’re hating on. I can safely say I know enough about basketball to have my opinions taken serious.

Miami Heat Big 3!

I get it, it’s because the Heat has maybe 2 of the top 5 players in the game today and another who depending on who you ask is a top 20 player in his own right. That’s impressive but I don’t want to focus on that lets set our sights on the unseen. Their hideous bench and their Close game/end of game execution or lack thereof.

How most people feel about LeBron after the decision

Most people have selective memory when it comes to Miami. All they seem to remember is all of the highlight dunks, blowout victories & brash attitude about their position in the NBA hierarchy. Less we forget Chicago, San Antonio & Oklahoma City all had better records. Why is everyone so anxious to crown them champs? Their bench contains the likes of Juwan Howard (washed up), Norris Cole (solid player), Ronny turiaf (Great energy but no offense), James Jones (Spot up 3 pt shooter), Joel Anthony (Goon No offense whatsoever  but good rebounder), & Eddy Curry (Yeah that Eddy Curry). I don’t care how good your starting 5 is this bench will not get it done. Lebron James is a tremendous player probably the best player in the game but he is not clutch. When the game is on the line he likes to pass, not exactly what you want out of your star player. So they call plays for Wade who can not shoot so the defense already knows that he’s going to drive to the basket. This is not to say Wade isn’t clutch because he certainly is. However, Neither him or LeBron put any fear in your heart when it comes to a perimeter game.

When the game is on the line LeBron will pass the ball if he feels he can’t get to the basket. Which is crazy cause he can get to the rim whenever he wants he’s just that explosive as a player. It’s no wonder the heat do not perform well in close game situations, their 2 best players are below average shooters.  I’m rooting for whoever the Heat play against, even the teams who i hate such as Indiana & Boston. It’s no coincidence that the 2 close games Miami played they lost. That’s the blueprint for victory against this team.

Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert

They’re so top heavy in the talent dept. that they win most of their games going away just off of sheer talent and basketball skill. However when it comes to playing close games and they then have to think about their next move they flounder. The Miami Heat will not win the championship this year if the teams they play don’t play scared and keep the games close (easier said than done).

I predict they will lose to in the Conf. Finals to Boston in 6 games but i’m hoping Indiana finishes them off. So the curse of Dan Gilbert lives on. So there you have that’s how i ( a Bitter Knicks fan) feel call me a hater but the bottom line is please let them win first before we anoint them champs! gotta win 1 before you can win “not 4 not 5 not 6!”


10 thoughts on “Can’t Take The Heat…Literally!

  1. Good post. I agree 100% where Miami is concerned. I see that you hate Boston. That’s fine root for who you will. I love the Celtics and always have, but I dislike Miami not because they beat Boston a year ago because of Lebron and Wade. Wade is a dirty player who takes cheep shots when he can find them, and yells at his coach when he probably deserved to get his butt chewed. Lebron, well I could go on forever. Ill admit he is an amazing player but for all the talent, he cares only about himself. Regardless of what he says or anyone else. I watched him quit against Boston two years ago in the playoffs. He didn’t want the ball and he didn’t try. I lost all respect for him at that point. Lebron will never win and I hope he never does. The Heat do not know how to play like a team, but Boston and San Antonio do for that reason those two teams have the best shot at winning a title. That’s not heart talking that’s someone who has lived with the game for the past 26 years. I agree that we shouldn’t crown them champs until they prove they can win. Most people who do, don’t understand the game in depth and what makes a team a team or they think with their hearts. If we wait for Lebron to prove he can win it all we will be waiting for a long long time to come. I for one hope we have to wait that long!!

    • Yeah my distinct for Boston is because I’m from NY and also I hate But respect Paul Pierce. You’re absolutely right about both LeBron and Wade. I really hope Indy beats them or Boston as I predicted. Good luck going forward with your team. Thanks for the read/comment on the blog.

  2. Great post. Wow, who would have thought that the Heat would be down 2-1 to the Pacers after 3 games. This is insane and this is why you play the regular season. Without Chris Bosh the Pacers have no mismatch on the front line and Roy Hibbert is just going to town, although he might have done that anyways with Bosh in the lineup. But it’s obvious that Lebron can’t keep playing the 4 because it’s just too tolling on him. He’s big but he’s not that big to do it game in and game out and be expected to put up MVP numbers. This series is going to go down to the wire likely and hopefully it’s a dandy. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog because I really want to know what you have to say

  3. You guys have much to say now. Incase you don’t no heat killed pacers in game five. It’s ok you guys can take back what you wrote ecspecially the writer of this piece. Remember man haters get no where in life.

    • Heat fan I presume? That’s your opinion just like the article is mine. Yes I’m hating on them in the sense that everyone has already given them the championship this season when they’re atleast 2 teams better than them still playing. No one is taking anything away from LeBron & Wade we know how great they are they however can not carrybthis team to the finish line theyll run out of gas watch and see. Yes I have a lot to say and you’re welcomed back when they eventually lose. Until then enjoy your team.

  4. A few problems involve that recently LeBron has been performing amazingly in the fourth quarter, and he and Dwyane Wade are playing amazing. And he somehow leaves off the three best players off the bench for the Heat when mentioning their “atrocious” bench: Shane Battier, Mike Miller, and Udonis Haslem. Not that I am a Heat fan, and I still don’t want them to win the NBA Champions, but you have to give credit where it is due, and they will win the NBA Championship this year.

    • those players that you’re mentioning are all eratic at best none of them play well at the same time or on consecutive games. Indiana had the blue print but they got scared and let up they easily gave away 2 games in this series. I do give credit where/when it’s due never taking anything away from Lebron & Dwayne im just simply stating the obvious. Whoever wins the west wins the rings. regardless of opponent.

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