My 3 teams NY Knicks, NY Mets & The NY Giants! Forever!

  • My Fave #3 Teams

I want to start off by saying that im a New Yorker true and true. I love my city and everything it stands for. I take pride in the fact that we are the biggest city in America and in many ways the best that may be my personal opinion but thats how i feel. I’m an avid sports fan of 3 teams in my city those teams are in no particular order. The New York Knicks (NBA) , The New York Mets (MLB) & The New York Giants (NFL). Granted there are many other teams in NY ( Yankees, Nets, Jets, Rangers, Islanders) but these 3 are MY teams.

I have had a long heartbreaking, gut wrenching,nail biting, exuberant, exciting & celebratory history with MY teams. I’ve suffered through the 90’s when the Mets were flat out horrible. the 2000’s when the Knicks were putrid. The New York Giants were the only one of MY teams that managed to stay good even when they were supposed to be bad. They had some lean years as well but it always seems as if they always put together a solid season.

New York Mets


The Joys:

  • Of course talking almost exclusively about the 1986 World Champs. Pretty much the time i fell in love with the team i was a very young child at the time but i remember that the Mets were my Grandfather’s favorite team, which meant the Mets were my favorite team too since he was my role model. That team had it all Youth, Experience, Swagger, Hitting, Pitching, Defense. The emergence of our corner stone players Darryl Strawberry Dwight Gooden. They had the city in a frenzy hard pressed to even find Yankee fand hating on this team.
  •  The Mets Returned to the playoffs in 1988 and lost in a heart breaking game 7 to the Los Angeles Dodgers who eventually went on the win the world series that year.
  • 2000 team managed by Bobby Valentine this team had no business in the World Series vs the Yankees that season but Bobby V had them over acheiving that whole season. We fell short in the end but it was an amazing ride.
  • The 2006 season with all of it’s promise we were supposed to win the championship that year. We had it all momentum, Home field advantage, we were the best team in the NL only to fall to the STL Cardinals who eventually went on to win the Championship that year.
  • One of the best catches in MLB history by Endy Chavez in game 7 of the 2006 NLCS against the Cardinals.

The Pains:

  • I can’t speak for the putrid years of the 60’s (except for ’68), 70’s (except for ’73) and 1st half of the 80’s but anything after that im on the clock.
  • The 90’s were a complete wash (except ’99) horrible teams, players, trades & signings. I feel it all began when the Mets decided not to re-sign Darryl Strawberry it was all downhill from there.
  • The Bobby Bonilla signing, supposed to be the new version of Darryl Strawberry Power hitting outfielder. That didn’t work out too well.
  • Vince Coleman Fire Cracker incident: Vince was supposed to light up the offense with his speed and Defense instead he chose to light up Firecrackers on fans in a parking lot.
  •  Anthony Young: Personal/Major League losing streak of 27 straight losses which is still the record for futility in the MLB by a pitcher.
  •  The epic choke seasons of 2007 & 2008 we were supposed to win in those series as well. Resulting in the removal of then Manager Willie Randolph.
  • I can still see it now Carlos Beltran with the bat on his shoulder with the game on the line didn’t even swing. Destroying what i thought was an eventual championship that year.
  • Lastly the whole Bernie Madoff saga and the Mets involvement (or lack there of) how about the team having to borrow money from the MLB to pay bills. SMH!

All in All: That’s still my team and i love them forever. True fan through and through.

New York Knicks


Well, Well, Well what can i say about my beloved NY Knicks. I love them but they anger me so much. The 90’s for the most part were good but that’s the problem with the Knicks they settle to much for good instead of great. It still baffles me now looking back that this team did very little to help Patrick Ewing win a ring. That was because they were content it seems with 2nd round KO’s to the Bulls, Heat & Pacers. The 90’s were indeed a good decade for the most part but it was marked by a slew of heartbreaking defeats.

The Joys:

  • The Pat Riley era (1991-92-1994-95): 223-105 record under Riley with 1 NBA Finals appearance (Lost to Houston 4-3)
  • The Summer of 1996: we were finally under the cap. Signed Allan Houston, Chris Childs, Traded for Larry Johnson and we had 3 1st round picks.
  • The Core unit: Ewing, Oakley, Mason, Starks & Harper. Gave us on hell of a run.
  • 1993-1994 Playoff run: Finally Beating the Bulls in a playoff series (With or Without Jordan) works for me.
  • 8th Seed success: That magical run in the 1998-1999 playoffs that took us as an 8th seed all the way to the NBA Finals (Lost to San Antonio 4-1).
  • Latrelle Sprewell Acquistion: We had to say goodbye to Starks but it was time for a change and upgrade.
  • Carmelo Anthony Trade: The long rumored trade to the Knicks is complete on Feb. 22nd 2011.
  • Patrick ewing induction into the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame: He was enshrined in 2008.
  • Donnie Walsh Era: Donnie Walsh came in and transformed the franchise back into respectability, Thank You Donnie.
  • Linsanity: Jeremy Lin excites the Crowd, team, City, League & World all in a matter of a few weeks. In one of the most unlikliest sports stories of alltime.

The Pains

  • Charles Smith: Game 5 against the Bulls all i can say is DAMN!
  • Missed Layup: Patrick Ewing Misses the game tying layup in game 7 of the 1995 NBA semi-finals game against the Pacers. There was 5 seconds on the clock.
  • NBA Finals Losses: 1993-1994 loss the to the Rockets in game 7 & 1998-1999 loss to the Spurs in 5 games.
  • Isiah Thomas Era: Horrible Seasons, bad Trades, bad coaching & horrible off the court activities that resulted in Thomas & the Knicks being sued by a former employee.
  • Eddie Curry: Started off so bright but then things changed badly. Curry went from being a”must have” to a “bust fast”. (oh by the way he just won a championship with the Heat).
  • Draft Busts: Every team has them but our picks were so bad from the beginning it’s no shock that most of them didn’t pan out.
  1. Frederick Weis: You know him the guy that Vince Carter jumped completely over in the olympics, who by the way never played for the Knicks. Who was picked before Ron Artest that year.
  2. Michael Wright: Who? exactly drafted # in 2001 NBA draft.
  3. Maciej Lampe: picked #30 in 2003 never even played for the team.
  4. Mardy Collins: Why was he drafted by this team. No Need for a below average everything player whose best known for getting Snuffed by then Denver Nugget Carmelo Anthony.
  5. Jordan Hill: Another baffling pick.
  6. (Too many to name i’ll just stop there and that just in the past decade.)
  • Patrick Ewing Trade: In 2000 Ewing was fed up with the team and he wanted out so the Knicks traded him to the Seattle Supersonics ending a 15 year career in NY, sad day.
  • Patrick Ewing Wrist injury: Andrew Lang pushed Ewing while he was in the air attempting a alley-oop. Patrick fell on his wrist his career was never the same after that.
  • Lebron James: When he decided to choose the Heat over the Knicks, broke our collective hearts.

All in All: The Knicks are my forever team i root for the name on the front of the Jersey because the name(s) on the back of the Jersey always change. Through thick & thin, good & bad im rolling with this team i just need a championship @ some point in the near future.


New York Giants

Excuse me the Super Bowl Winning New York Giants. Of all my fav 3 teams they’ve brought me the most joy ove the past few years. you want to talk about miracle runs and unlikely outcomes. These guys sshocked the world in 2008 when they beat the then undefeated New England Patriots in a thrilling Super Bowl. Then turned around 4 years later and did it again. There haven’t been too many lean years in recent memory, but there was a few off the field incidents that really hampered the team going forword sometimes.

The Joys:

  • SuperBowl XXI : Giants Defeat The Broncos in a blowout 39-20.
  • SuperBowl XXV: Giants Defeat The Bills in the “Wide Right” game 20-19.
  • SuperBowl XLII: Giants Defeat The Patriots 17-14 (in a game many people will call the greatest SuperBowl ever!).
  • SuperBowl XLVI: Giants Defeat The Patriots (Again) 21-17 on another epic drive by Eli Manning.
  • Trading for Eli: April 24th, 2004 Eli Manning forces trade to the Giants, Refusing to play for the Chargers who drafted him #1 overall.
  • Signing Burress: The Signing of Paxico Burress took a year or two to materialize but wound up being a pivotal move towards winning a ring.
  • Michael Strahan sack record: In 2001 Michael Strahan broke the single season sack record (22.5) with his sack of then Green Bay Quarterback Brett Favre.
  • Lawrence (LT) Taylor: No description needed.
  • Victor Cruz: The emergence of Victor Cruz help push the Giants to their 2nd SuperBowl victoy in 4 years over the Patriots. Victor is/was a spark plug like no other.

The Pains:

  • SuperBowl XXXV: Giants lose to The Baltimore Ravens (34-7) in a blowout fashion.
  • 2002 NFC Wildcard Game: Giants lose a big lead to the SF 49ers they were up 38-14 at one point in the second half. Eventually losing poor special teams play was the blame.
  • Shooting incident: Plaxico Burress shoots himself in the leg while in a NY nightclub basically ending his season and career with the Giants. He was prosecuted and served 2 years in prison.
  • Ray Handley Years: One of the worst Giant coaches ever had in my opinion. He amassed a 14-18 record but the team never felt like it was going anywhere with him at thr helm.
  • Draft Busts:
  1. Derek Brown: TE drafted # He was supposed to be a dynamic TE and spearhead the Giants offense for years to come, yeah that didn’t happen.
  2. Ron Dayne: HB drafted #11 2000 Heisman Trophy does not guarantee success in the NFL Ron never quite picked up the NFL game.
  3. Cedric Jones: DE Drafted #5 1996 Never even came close to living up the hype he garnered coming out of college.
  4. William Joseph: DT Drafted #25 2003 Drafted somewhat low still coming out of “THE U” much was expected of him.
  5. Dave Brown: QB Drafted #1 1992 (Sup draft) He was actually considered to be the next franchise QB at that time, can you imagine.
  • 38-31 loss to Philly:  (Dec.19th, 2010) It takes a lot for a regular season loss to sting more than a playoff loss. This was one of those times. The Giants were manhandling Mike Vick & the Eagles. They were up by 21 points @ the the middle of the 4th Quarter then the wheels came off ultimately leading up to DeSean Jackson scoring on a 65 yard punt return. The punt was supposed to go out of bounds. This game still stings.

All in All: The Giants are to most complete team of my fav 3. They’re well managed, well Trained & well coached. Jerry Reese (GM) always seems to push the right buttons when it comes to personel moves. They have brought me the most joy of all my teams and i don’t really see that ending anytime soon. They’re poised to continue to do well. The core group on both offense and defense are relatively still young. GO BIG BLUE! 2012 NFL SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS.

Whether you agree or disagree i would like to hear from you. Who’s your fav 3. 1 in each sport nothing sparks good debate like sports. With that said this needs to be noted.



6 thoughts on “My 3 teams NY Knicks, NY Mets & The NY Giants! Forever!

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  2. Those are my three teams as well man…you hit it spot on with the Giants, they have broken my heart plenty of times since 2000, but still they have find a way to be successful, a franchise we can be very proud of (more than the knicks or mets at least)

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