Other Things That Lil Wayne Hate. But who cares, Right?

Lil Wayne

With his recent admission of his hate for NY, then his admission of his hate for his own verse on 2 Chainz album. Is Lil Wayne turning into a hater?

We’ve compiled a Lil List of the Top 10 things Lil Wayne hates. Here we go:

10. New Jersey-

New Jersey

Because of it’s close proximity to NY.

9. Jay-Z-


They’ve shared the mic a few times on some records. They share the same last name, Hec there’s even some people who believe they share the crown as the best rapper in the game today. However in recent times they’ve also shared some bars going at each other. Very subliminal in nature yet directly pointed.

8. Boots that were made to walk on Earth-

Lil Wayne’s Martian Boots

You Earthlings kill me with your terrestrial boots. Space Age Swag!

7. Freelance Cameramen-

Lil Wayne is seen here threatening a camera man for filming him skateboarding at night. “You’re gonna get shot, don’t do that”

6. Old Pics of Himself-

Lil Wayne when he was Lil.

Pics where he looks normal and innocent, i guess.

5. Cold Weather Cities-

Lil Wayne Shirtless

Not just NY & NJ but Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland & Etc. Any place that prevents him from going out in public without a Shirt on in the winter time.

4. Islands(Unless they’re in the Carribbean)-

NYC Rikers Island Correctional Facility

After his stint in NYC’s Rikers Island which was no vacation you could understand why.

3. Hip Hop/Rapping-

Lil Wayne Skateboarding

He mentioned last week that he was getting bored with Hip-Hop and actually prefers Skateboarding right now.

2. Loose fitting Jeans-


Remember those Jeggings!

1. Humans-

Lil Wayne as a Martian

Lil Wayne once claimed in a rhyme that he’s “a Martian”

This Topic is indeed meant to spark humor it’s nothing personal. However, we need to stop giving celebrities so much power that we hold on their everyword. That distinction should be left for the role models and Leaders of our society. That is not to say that Celebrities aren’t or can not be Role models, but for the most part…they’re not.

You know how we do, We’re back so drop us a line and #Tellmehowilooknow

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