TellMeHowiLookNow, It’s a way of life!

Hey Folks it’s been a minute since we last spoke. Just trying to get things in order over here. We’re working extremely hard to provide Great, Well Thought-Out, Comical, Political & Etc content. Many people have been asking us the actual definition of #TellMeHowiLookNow. It’s more than just a blog title, It’s more than just a state of mind…It’s a way of life. (See Cartoon Below for sample idea):

If you’ve ever felt like you’re the Underdog, the Under Achiever or the odd man out. This way of life is for you. Anybody who has took life by the horns and flat out did whatever they could to better themselves, to achieve higher. To focus on the negatatives simply to improve on them and turn into positives. That’s the true definition of #TellMeHowiLookNow…Oh and by the way it’s a cool name for a blog too, can’t front.

We’re back now Stronger, Better and more clever than ever. We’re always looking for contributors so if you have any ideas you want to convey bring em on and get em published on the website. Don’t forget we can reached at the following Social Websites:

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