Only in NY Folks!

New Yorkers! we are a proud group of people. We don’t like to be told we suck at anything, whether it’s true or not. We like to believe our city is indeed the best city in world. However there are more than a few things we need to improve on (See below)

Only in NY!

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of things going on in your city that baffles you. Well here in NY (“The concrete jungle where dreams are made of…”) it’s no difference. We have a Mayor who is hell bent on controlling every aspect of the citizens life. He wants to tell you what you can or cannot drink and how much of it is allowed (I’m not referring to alcohol either). He took over the control of NYC schools. He wants to close more schools than build new ones. I can go on and on but here’s just a Lil bit of things going on in NYC! That we call …Only in NY!

Where a crazy man can go on a shooting spree, and the police wind up shooting more people than the criminal. (Referring the shooting @ the Empire State Building on 8/24/2012 NYPD actually shot more people than the criminal in their efforts to capture the criminal, Tough situation.)

Empire State Building @ Night

•Smokers look at you crazy when you try to wave their smoke out of your face. (You ever had that happen to you. you’re walking down the street and there is someone smoking right in front of you. Their smoke is obviously blowing in back of them, and in your attempt to wave the smoke away they look back at you like you’re crazy.)

Sign for smokers only

•Where they close down schools, because they’re under performing. Then complain about large classroom sizes. (The Mayor is always closing schools without replacing them with new ones. Why close the schools just get better teachers,duh!)


•Where police officers come into your neighborhood and ask you “what are you doing here?”. (“Damn man the last time i checked i live here you don’t”.)

Where they make bike lanes for bikers on extremely narrow streets. (I’m a supporter of the Bike Lane movement going on in the city right now. It’s a great way to be healthy but atleast make sure the street is wide enough for both lanes, people will continue to get hurt mostly Bikers.)

Bike Lane on a narrow street

•Where Hollywood can take over your neighborhood for and sometimes weeks at a time to film what amounts 10 minutes of a movie. All the while severely inconvienicing the people of the neighborhood. What do we get out of it? (They post these signs informing everyone that they’re shooting a movie on your block and you need to move your car or get it towed, the nerve of these people.)

These Signs look Familiar?

•Where people who profess their love for dogs but have a problem cleaning up after them on the streets. (We’ve all seen people take their pets to the bathroom without properly removing their waste, grimey. Shout out to all the Dog Owners/Walkers who always do the proper thing when they walk their dogs.)

Please Pick up after your dogs!

•Where they can raise the price of gas a fees cents and people will lose their minds. But they raise the price to cigarettes $6 and people still pay that price. (That is… unless of course you have a hook up Wink Wink.)

Smoking Tax is constantly going up & people are still smoking.

•Where they increase the rent rates and then wonder why there are so many homeless families. (Not only is the rent too damn high. There are no other alternatives other than the shelter, sad isn’t it?.)

NYC Homelessness is staggering

•Where they close down hospitals instead of building new ones. (Budgets and the bottom line determines whether or not your neighborhood gets to keep their hospital, crazy isn’t it?.)

Taking down the signs at the now closed St. Vincent’s Hospital in NYC

•Where they offer affordable housing in “nice” buildings, if your credit is good. (Crazy i understand of the concept of trying to weed out bad tenants, but people needing to have good credit when most poor people have either no credit or bad credit.)

Credit Scores affect your eligibility for affordable housing in NYC

•Where they build more condos and luxury buildings than affordable housing. When those condos don’t sell quite as fast then they claim the economy is bad. (The city’s idea of sneaking these condos pass the public is to give them a tax credit if they allow a certain amount of lower income residents into the building. Sneaky, sneaky this will blow up in their face in the long run.)

The City took this abandoned old public School in Harlem and turned it into a luxury condo building. Instead of repairing it and reopening it as a school.

& that’s just a few items. How about you? are you from NY and you have something to add?. Or better yet tell us what’s going on in your city that has you scratching your head. Let us know you know how to reach us. #TellMeHowiLookNow.


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