Rep Your Borough, City, Town, Block or country!

Let me start off by saying I LOVE MY CITY (NEW YORK). To me nothing compares to it. Sure Los Angeles has beautiful weather. Las Vegas is the party capital of the world. Miami has south beach, Chicago has Lake Michigan as so forth and so on. This is not to knock anybody’s hometown or place of birth, it’s just to big up MY City (NEW YORK). Everyone has a love/hate relationship with their hometown. You love the scenery, love your neighbors, local hangout spots, your family is there too. However there is also a darkside to your hometown as well. You Hate the traffic, Hate your neighbors, the local hangout spot has gotten too cliche and corny and you hate the fact that your annoying family is around all the time.

A Knick Fan From Brooklyn

Well im a Proud citizen of my hometown (NEW YORK) but really BROOKLYN. You see people from BROOKLYN don’t really call themselves New Yorkers when they’re out of town. When people ask us where we’re from from we don’t say “I’m from New York!” we say we’re from Brooklyn!, emphatically. Brooklynite’s have been known to have what we call that good ole Brooklyn pride!. Which could mean alot of things on the good and bad end of the spectrum.

Heres a lil Brooklyn lingo & Definition for your guys to check out:

  • Brooklyn Bullshit- means the things that only Brooklynites understand. It may not make sense to you but it’s a very obvious way of thinking to us.
  • 2. Or it may mean something grimey is about to happen (Like a robbery for example) just depends on the type of Brooklynite you encounter.
  • Brooklyn Pride- If it has anything to do with Brooklyn it’s okay with us.
  • Brooklyn Accent- This is a very distinctive tone which may differ depending on the section of Brooklyn you’re from.

Detailed map of Brooklyn

Why do i love my Borough Let me count the ways:

1. Love the culture: From Fort Greene to Coney island Brooklyn’s diversity gives it it character and identity.

2. Love the shopping areas: looking for a deal how about Pitkin ave in Brownsville, Graham Ave in Bushwick, or the Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn. There are so many places to shop here no wonder why people from Brooklyn are so fly.

3.  Love the Swagger/Attitude: of the people you can tell a Brooklynite from a mile away.

4.  Love The Brooklyn Bridge: Probably the most famous Bridge in America.

5.  Love the Music Scene: Some of the greatest Musical Artist have come from Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge

 Such As:

  • Jay-Z

    Jay Z

  • The Notorious B.I.G
  • Pat Benatar
  • Aaliyah


  • Fabolous
  • Full Force
  • Big Daddy Kane
  • Barbra Streisand & the list goes on and on!


Bottomline is this I Love Brooklyn, I Love Being From Brooklyn. I Love just about anything from & about Brooklyn. However, when it comes to Basketball i will remain a NEW YORK KNICKS Fan, that will not change. I’m excited that Brooklyn now has a team and that Jay-Z is apart of this, however will not change my team. I will root for the Knicks no matter how stupid they are, no matter how many championships we don’t win. They’re still my team and MSG will forever be the Mecca. Other than that im a die hard Brooklynite, realtalk!

How About you where you from  state your claim:





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