Opening Night @ the Barclays Center

Opening night at he Barclays Center.

View of Barclays Center. @ night the Bldg doesn’t look half bad.

The grand opening to Brooklyn’s own Barclays Center popped off last night. With Jay-Z getting things started. The evening started off on the right foot, the Atmostphere was electric. The stars were out, everyone from Magic Johnson, Rihanna, Beyonce to (Part Owner) Bruce Ratner. Everybody and their mother showed up dressed to impress to see your boy Young Hova. The ticket said the concert was supposed to start at 8pm but guess what I guess Hova was on “CP” time. The crowd was serenaded by another Brooklyn talent DJ Mr Cee. Who was brought out by Jay Z to… I guess act as the opening act.  DJ Mr Cee definitely got the crowd Amped. Around the time he began to DJ it was already 45 min into he supposed start time. He played for about a half hour then here was some dead air until the lights went down Glitch at first then they returned but a few minutes later they went down again this time it signaled the official start of the show.



@ exactly 9:46pm a voice was heard from the great beyond (Jay-Z’s trademark Grunts) the crowd goes bananas. We waited a long time to see him he was already 1:46 mins late (but who’s counting). The lights were dark and Jay walks out to an unknown instrumental but then out opened with his joint “Where I’m from” (Marcy son). A nice crowd teaser to the song which i felt should be the theme song to tonights event “Brooklyn We go hard”. I think here is where Jay began to drop the ball a lil because he really didn’t elongate this track. Jay being the great Hip Hop & Brooklyn historian begins to pay tribute to Biggie and starts to spit the lyrics to Biggie’s “Kick in the door”. He would perform nonstop for the next hour or so uncharacteristic of Jay Z was hearing his voice begin to crack after only a few songs into the evening Jay even admits to his audience he doesn’t know how he’ll make it through 8 shows.

Crowd inside the front entrance atrium.

Timeline of events

7:00pm-We arrive at the Arena.

7:10-15 ish- They begin letting people into the Arena.

7:38- We finally passed security and the ticket agents.

7:54- We finally get to our seats after taking the long way just to get a view of the arena.

8:00- We expected the show to start soon.

8:45 ishDJ Mr Cee goes live and begins to play music.

9:46- Jay-Z takes the stage.

11:01– Jay exits the stage after telling everyone goodnight (crowd chants Hova, Hova, Hova!).

11:05– Jay returns to the stage To perform “What more can i say”.

11:12- Jay surprises the audience with a performance by Big Daddy Kane. Kane, Scoop & Scrap rock the crowd.

Big Daddy Kane During his performance @ the Barclays Center 9-28-12

11:19– Jay Returns to the stage talks to the crowd a bit.

11:33- Exits the stage for the final time, exiting to “Forever young”

As the Arena begins to spill out into the streets i found it to be very interesting to see how the police actually stopped traffic for about 15 straight minutes just let the crowd cross the street (Atlantic Ave.) this will be very interesting to see every time an event lets out. There was just a sea of cars just sitting there.

Editor’s Note: If you attend the concert make sure you’re not sitting in back of the stage. That’s where we were sitting. (Last minute tickets) There was this big black curtain hanging from the rafters and we were told that the curtain would be lifted in order for us to fully see the stage. That wasn’t to be. There was about a 5 foot gap in the curtain and that’s how we saw the concert almost had the feeling of like we were outside peeking in through a window. Jay never acknowledged the people in back of the stage. If they knew this would be the case they should not have sold the tickets in this area. I love Jay, I love the fact that he made it but c’mon Hov I felt and everyone in my section felt cheated. There was people smoking weed in our section but then again that’s to be expected when there are no visible ushers around. They didn’t care about our section, it seemed, lol

There were a lot of growing pains to the first event at the Barclays center. Their timing and organizational skills were lacking. Some of he staff seemed a Lil ill informed as a whole they needed a lil more time to get familiar with the place. All in all it was a good night the interior of the arena is gorgeous. There were only a few minor incidents that I know of or better yet saw. I can’t account for everyone else’s experience but mine was both the feeling of inclusion and seclusion at the same time.

There was really no big Surprises here to speak of. Beyonce didn’t take the stage, Kanye, Rihanna, Alicia Keys nope the night belonged to Jay and i really didn’t have no problems with that. However, i thought Jay’s playlist didn’t play too well to his inaugural audience while there was indeed a whole bunch of folks who knew every song, every word, every chorus. There was also alot of people like some in my section who didn’t recognize  more than a few of the  songs Jay performed. Notable songs that he didn’t perform were for example “Streets is watching, Girls, Girls, Girls, Aint no n*gga, Song cry, Excuse me miss, Change Clothes, Blue Magic, Roc Boys”, He didn’t even perform Hello Brooklyn which is like the mantra for the Nets right now. Jay left out a lot of songs and i understand with a catalog like his it’s impossible to get to everything but i was expecting a lot more from him. There were so many Blase Jay-Z/Hip Hop fans there that he kind of lost a lot of them with certain song selections.

Jay-Z @ 1st Concert @ The Barclays Center 9-28-12

In Closing i must admit it was a beautiful event and show itself was a bit anti-climatic (you got the sense that maybe even Jay-Z himself was overwhelmed by the night) There were so many opportunities for Hov to really make it special by including other artists but he stayed away from it so the night belonged to him. Even though our seats were horrible (it’s still hard to imagine someone selling tickets to a concert that’s in back of the stage and we’re not provided with a monitor to see the show from the front). I hope they figure something out for the rest of the shows, but at least i can say i was there on 9-28-12 when Jay-Z brought it back home to Brooklyn. Eventhough i really could care less for the basketball team (I’m a Knicks fan) This means a lot to me being from Brooklyn now the world get to see us every night in all of our glory, “#GoBrooklyn”. 


SHOW RATING 7.5/10 – I suspect the performances will get either better or worst i’m hoping for the better.

Were you there last night? how’d you like the show share with us your personal experience #TellMeHowiLoookNow.

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