A-Alikes: Yall Look Alike!

Yall look alike!

You ever have someone tell you that you look like someone famous? Or how about Celebrities who look almost exactly alike. We’re referring to the ones that aren’t related. Here’s a few who we think look so much a like that they maybe related. Many of you may disagree but this is how i see it!

1. Omar Epps (Actor) & Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers Coach)

20121012-135103.jpgMan i don’t care what nobody say these two are spitting images of each other.

2. D’Angelo (Singer) & Allen Iverson (Former NBA Player)

20121012-135441.jpgMaybe it’s just the cornroll look but other than that i think they look a lot alike.

3. Matthew Morrison (Actor from Glee) Paul Ryan (2012 Republican VP Candidate)

20121012-135815.jpgCall me crazy but to me …spitting image.

4. Joe Scarborough (MSNBC Host) & Bill Clinton (Former President)

20121012-140452.jpgThis has to be Bill Clinton’s stunt double.

5. Will Smith (Actor) & Grant Hill (NBA Player)

20121012-151426.jpgMany people say they don’t see it, but i do.

6. Ja-Rule (Rapper) & Mario Manningham (NFL Player)

20121014-091907.jpgJa has a twin brother? looks like it to me.

7. Lance Gross (Actor, House of Payne) & Deon Richmond (Actor, The Cosby Show)

20121014-103126.jpgAt first i thought they were the same person, that’s how close to identical they are with each other.

8. Na’Blonka Durden (Actress, Boyz N the Hoood) & Kim Wayans (Actress, In Living Color)

20121014-215900.jpgAnother real close resemblance, don’t you think?

9. N’Bushe Wright (Actress, Dead Presidents) & Bruklin Harris (Actress, Dangerous Minds)

20121015-102324.jpgAnother two people who at one point i thought was the same actress.
10. Teairra Marie (singer) & Thandie Newton (actress, For Colored Girls)

20121015-114938.jpgI Happen to feel that Thandie Newton is an older version of Teairra Marie. alot of similarities bewteen these two.

So what’s your take you agree, disagree let us know. we know people see things different, call us crazy if you want about some of the comparisons. Let us know who you think is a better duo in terms of resemblance. #TellMeHowiLookNow.


10 thoughts on “A-Alikes: Yall Look Alike!

  1. N’Bushe Wright & Bruklin Harris got me too. I really did think that they were the same person.
    An interesting fact, is that they were both born on the same exact day, September 20th. #Virgo

  2. Lance Gross and Deon Richmond look enough alike to at least be cousins if not brothers. Actors Blair Underwood and Don Franklin look like they could be brothers.

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