Celebrity Mistakes 101

Celebrity Mistakes 101: Things Celebrities Should Stay Away From

(Top 10 in no particular order) since all of these aggression’s seem to hold equal value at least to us it does

Every week there’s someone new. Either there’s a celebrity on the rise or a fallen star trying to regain their celeb status. So their PR people scramble to find many ways to either keep their clients in the spotlight or regain some public attention. I mean cause anything beats being D-Listed, right?

1. Fighting the paparazi- You’ll never win that battle in fact you’ll only lose(in court that is). It is blatantly obvious that their sole purpose is to aggrivate you into doing something that’ll make you look stupid and cost you money in the end.

2. Ranting On Twitter– Granted we know that your twitter account is yours and you should have the expression to say/type whatever you want. However, when you’re arguing with your anti-fans/haters/exbffs about bs. It’ll never end good.

3. Sex Tapes- C’mon you didn’t know that you were being filmed? Everytime one of these tapes are leaked you can see the “Stars” performing for the camera (I.E winking in the camera, smiling and cheering themselves on). Who’s fault is it that you choose to make these scandalous tapes with temporary lovers. In other words people who you know you’re not going to marry. How can you be so shocked when you guys break up and the tape is leaked.

Paris Hilton’s “Leaked sextape”

Other famous celebs who have had (Alleged) sextapes:

Pamela Anderson

Hulk Hogan

Britney Spears

Kim Kardashian

just to name a few more.

4. Filming Yourself Doing Questionable Behavior– Everyone knows that you can make it rain on strippers any day of the week. Nothing wrong with that if that’s your preference. That’s your money, you’ve earned it, do whatever you see fit but don’t come crying when your baby mother shows this footage to the judge. So instead of putting some stripper through college you can actually put your own kids through college.

Make It Rain!

5. Committing crimes- I know this is easier said than done but c’mon man you have all this money life is good and you rather spend your time in court fighting allegations and charges for doing something stupid. It’s backwards thinking, you made it already you don’t have to impress the same people who are looking up to you for all of your positive accomplishments.

C’Mon Son! #getthefuckouttaherewiththatbullshit.

6. Threatening People Through Music- Every week there is another rapper getting locked up for something he or she said in his or her song or video.

Watch Your Mouth

7. Endorse Products That You Know Nothing About. One of the worst things you could do as a celebrity is put your name and or likeness to a product you know nothing about. Just for the sake of cashing a check. For every George Forman Grill there’s hundreds of Kathy Lee Grifford’s out there. Walmart endorsed her clothing line only to find out later that her clothes were being made in “Sweat shops” then reffered to as a “slave shop”. You never know what people are selling the public until things inevitably go wrong. Can’t hide now.

Kathy Lee Gifford

8. Wardrobe Malfunction- Probably the single most famous wardrobe malfunction in history belongs to Janet Jackson with help from Justin Timberlake. This probably doesn’t count as a legit malfunction simply because it looked like it was planned. Nevertheless when something like this happens at an event as big as the Super Bowl you should expect backlash.

Infamous Wardrobe Malfunction at the SuperBowl (Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake)

9. Entourage These guys can be your best friends or worst nightmare. For the most part these guys will do anything you ask them to do. They know heir role and they play it well. But then you’ll also have the wreck less behaving ones as well. These guys will get you into more trouble than physical can imagine. There’s a simple remedy for this reduce the amount and type of people around you and monitor everyone’s access to your image as a whole.


HBO’s Entourage.

10. Drugs- Stay away from them, period. Does Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen & Amy Winehouse ring a bell. Drugs have never been the solution to anything positive. Celebrities aren’t the only ones affected by this, everyone is. You run the risk of losing it all wealth, health, house, family & even your life.

Listen to the man!

Hopefully after studying the failures and missteps of celebs past, future celebs can use this as study material. Or just study the like of Charlie sheen, Dennis Rodman & Tiger Woods and many, many others. You know how to reach us #TellMeHowiLookNow.


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