A Pain in the (G)as(s)!

A Pain in the (G)as(s)!

I don’t know what the F is going on around here it’s been close to two weeks since Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy ravaged the NY Tri-State area. This was a terrible storm no doubt. I am in no way trying to minimize the after effects of the storm. I understand why the city was shut down, no trains, no buses & no school all week for the kids. However, can someone please explain to me the reason why we are savagely going around hunting for gas that is not here? I know, I know I heard that the Oil refineries that service NY were hit hard by the storm, but where is the emergency backup. This is life and things happen all the time but we as a civilization have found ways to adjust on the fly. We were supposed to be prepared for these type of disasters. You see these type of scenarios play out all the time on the discovery channel. Shows titled “what if we run out of gas?”

A Sign seen at many NYC area Gas Stations!

All the chaos that was displayed in that show became a distinct reality. They talked of long lines, extremely high prices or price gauging. We are effectively living in a police state. Right now there’s only 3 ways to find out if there’s any gas.
1. Word of mouth- you have a friend of a friend who knows someone who just got gas, and where you might be a or to get some.
2. Police presence by gas stations- another sure fire way to determine where you’d be able to find gas. Traffic is a mess on usually easy flowing streets.
3. www.Gasbuddy.com Great website allows you to get info about the gas stations in your area prices, availibility, & grades. This is how I was able to get gas when I was on E. It also relays heavily on user feedback which gives you up to date play by play of the station. Great tool I encourage you to use it.

Typical gasline of people with gascans to fuel their out of gas vehicles and home generators (in NYC area).

Without being all political about the situation about the gas rationing operations i just need to better understand the concept of our nation’s biggest and and Metropolis to suffer such severe gas shortages. The oil refinery that services New York State is located in New Jersey. If you close down all of the Bridges and Tunnels guess what we’re stranded here on the Island of Long Island. Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan & Staten Island are all part of Islands. The Bronx represents the only part of NYC that is connected to the US mainland. So it makes lil sense that our oil refinery is located in New Jersey, in case of emergencies like the one we just encountered with Sandy if the gas/oil is imported by boat and the port is damaged we will have no gas. Build a refinery somewhere on Long Island away from any flooding areas and set up shop there. That’s how i see it, it may not make sense to many but it makes sense to me (common Sense).

Crazy Times! but at least i can now report that things are getting better the lines are starting to disappear slowly but surely. Leave it up to us to keep it real with you! #TellMeHowiLookNow. 


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