A Great Debate Pt.2: Beyonce -Vs- Rihanna

A Great Debate Beyonce -VS- Rihanna…



Disclaimer: I Just want to say so that it is recorded record. We are not asking you to choose Beyonce or Rihanna an overall better artist. Whether she is or isn’t this debate is simply based on hit records, who do you feel has more. That means as a solo artist not including songs Beyonce recorded with destinys child, only as a solo artist. Let’s see how they stack up:

Tale of the Tape

Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter—–Name—–Robyn Rihanna Fenty


4—–Albums (Solo)—–7

41—–Awards (Total)—–20


4—–American Music Award—–6




4—–#1 Albums—–1

8—–#1 Singles—–12

14—–Top 10 Singles—–23

30 Mil—–Digital Sales (World)—–60 Mil

13 Mil—–Total Record Sales (U.S)—–8.7 Mil

75 Mil—–Total Record Sales (World)—–25 Mil


There’s no denying the ultimate impact Beyonce has had on the music industry. Since her debut with Destiny’s Child she has had a stellar career. We would be negligent not to clearly state Beyonce’s Pure dominence in the industry in many cases she is the standard. This debate is purely based on who you feel has more hit records whether you base it on Billboard or not.



While her career may not measure up to Beyonce’s, Rihanna is definitely a force of her own. The tabloid queen has been lighting up the charts and airwaves since her debut single “Pon De Replay”. She is a legit super star in her own right. I, However will be the first to say she isn’t the level of star that Beyonce is but she is indeed a sure fire star outright. We are not trying to compare singing voices, record sales, looks or wealth just simply songs. Who do you feel has the most as a solo artist, this is one of those “There is no wrong answer” question.


Both women are in credible this not meant to spark a fued between them with the obvious link being Jay-Z. Just to spark a debate. Again there are no wrong answers, if you could explain why you voted for the person you picked.

I know it’s been a minute but we’re baack! you know the rest #TellMeHowiLookNow. 



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