Our 2012 Predictions, how did we do!


Last year we made a list of things we were looking forward to the most in the year 2012!. Well here’s the recap…Let’s see how we did.

We Said…

10. Air Jordan 2012!- After all these years im still a big fan of the Air Jordan brand.

We Found out… These were one of the worst performing Air Jordans ever. They really do look as bad in person as they look in pictures. A complete waste of money, they look a like a Brand Jordan reject sneaker. https://tellmehowilooknow.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/memo-to-michael-jordan-step-your-shoe-game-up/    We Said…

9. New Fatal Jones Music- What don’t look surprised, you never heard of him? then take a peek.

We Found out…

That His EP/Mixtape iRod Nano was released in August and has been downloaded over 25,000 times on Datpiff.com & expect even Bigger things from him in 2013!


We Said…

8. New York Knick Championship- This one maybe wishful thinking but hey it’s my blog and i can dream if i want to. We Found Out… They just weren’t good enough. After another Mediocre (Being nice) under coach Mike D’Antoni they were bounced out of the playoffs in 5 games by the eventual champs Miami Heat. But they’re looking good this season though.

New York Knicks

We Said…

7. Thundercats Movie- This movie was expected to be released/premiered as early as 2007 let’s hope this year it will come to fruition.

We Found Out… there’s no new word coming out of Hollywood regarding this live action film. If and when they do it i hope it’s done properly.


We Said…

6. Brooklyn Nets- Professional B-Ball comes to Bklyn. As a Knicks fans i could care less but as a Brooklynite i must admit it’s kind of a big deal. GO Brooklyn! but not the NETS.

We Found Out…That the hype was real. The Brooklyn Nets has done what they set out to do. Make Brooklyn a brand in a global way. Everywhere you turn there is someone rocking some sort Brooklyn Nets gear. Despite the teams recent struggles, Brooklyn is here to stay in a major way. BTW GO Knicks! We Said…

5. New JAY-Z Album– Blueprint 4? hmn i guess we’ll have to wait a lil but i fully expect Young Hova to release a album this year.

We Found Out… Hov was just too busy to release another album. Since his ownership duties involving the Brooklyn Nets  and they’re move to Brooklyn. He designed the logo, Jerseys and a setting up for his grand opening concerts to break in the arena. We should get one this year though.

We Said…

4. More Jobs- This is needed more than anything on this list and should probably ranked number 1. Let’s hope that 2012 we can shake this bad economy and get back to business as usual and get people in America working again (Fingers Crossed).

We Found Out… Everyday more and more people are getting back to work and the unemployment rate is under 8%. Still a long way to go but it is a step in the right direction.

We Said…

3. GTA 5– You probably will have to be an avid video game fan to understand this one. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the single most anticipated video game of the year im calling it. Hoping that it does released in this calendar year.

We Found Out…Okay so i was wrong on this one i should have known especially when it comes to R* (Rockstar) they definitely like to take their time when it comes to the release of their games. Besides there was really no momentum for it to be released in 2012! But have no fear barring a setback it’ll be out this spring, can’t Wait!

Grand Theft Auto 5

We Said…

2. The World Will Not End!- Sorry folks i know there are many people predicting the end of civiliaztion on Dec 21 2012. But i have inside information confirming it will not happens. Sorry to the Mayans. GOD himself stated that no man or woman will know the the date and time in which the world will end.

We Found Out… Ha was there any doubt about this one? God said it best no one knows the day and time of this occurance, so stop predicting it you look like fools. I just hope i’m not around when it happens this is way too epic for my heart to take.

We Said…

1. Barack Obama Relection– Self explanitory.

We Found Out…was there ever really any doubt.

We’re certainly not in the business of predicting but it was a lil bit fun to see how some of these guesses turned out. You know how to reach us. #TellMeHowiLookNow.


So what do you think?

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