You Done EF’ed Up Now!: Lance Armstrong

Damn Son!

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Some people just get can’t get out of their own way. I had a great deal of respect for this guy. His story, His dominence, His down to earth nature. He’s a warrior, he fought Testicular Cancer and won. Not too many people can say that. My very own mother battled cancer but she lost her battle on 11-24-2012! (R.I.P Mom). When my mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in Sept. 2010 the first thing and person i thought about was Lance Armstrong. I ran out to the nearest Radio Shack and brought her a LIVE STRONG wristband.

Lance became the face of Cancer survivors all accross the country. I figured i’d buy her the wristband it’ll help give her the push needed to beat it. That of course along with her/our faith in God. She fought valiently but eventually lost her fight, aside from the pure devastation that caused i’m so proud of her fight.

Lance riding in the Tour De France!

Lance riding in the Tour De France!

Ever since people in the cycling world began to whisper about Lance and his suspision of steroid use, he began to fade into the background. Choosing to retire from the sport that brought him so much acclaim. Lance has always denied the usage of steroids since he was accused he stood by that even as evidence began to more than suggest the obvious. Lance won an amazing 7 straight Tour De France races from 1999 to 2005. Pure dominence over a sport Michael Jordan didn’t even win that titles many in a row. However, in 2012 all the speculation turned into pure fact and lance was eventually stripped of those Yellow Jackets (see Below)


 Lance Armstrong always denied using Steroids up until the other day when he apparently told Oprah during a taped interview to be aired this Thursday (1-17-2012) on the Oprah Network. He finally admitted to using PEDS (Perforance Enhancing Drugs) aka Steroids. Oprah has a way of getting the truth out of people. How should we feel about this? is this a typical rob Peter to pay Paul scenario or a liar and a cheater being exposed.

Bottomline is this the Lance Armstrong story is still the same rise to the top of the cycling world, fights Cancer, beats Cancer helped Millions directly or indirectly with his Livestrong charity. He Ef’ed up big time but that doesn’t take away all the good he’s done through his Performanc enhanced cycling career. To each his own, we all have the right to our opinion so no one is technically wrong on this matter but just remember when you’re ready to cast that 1st stone take a look in the mirror 1st!



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