Open letter To the Mayor of NYC, Mike Bloomberg

Open Letter to the Mayor Mike Bloomberg

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Mr. Mayor, it is with great honor and respect that I write to you today on behalf of many (not all) residents in this great city of NY! Who feel as if you are getting a lil outrageous (drunk with power) without mincing words. Mayors are supposed to lead, orchestrate & manage cities. Mayors aren’t asked to be parents, judges or GOD for that matter. It is refreshing to know that you care so much about our health as a city. You Support Gun Control, Women’s Rights and is by far one of the most philanthropic people in the country. No one can deny your generosity and willingness to help out various charities big or small. However we do have some issues we’d like to speak to you about.

Throughout the course of your 3 terms you have been on both sides of the fence on many issues. Now I know it’s human nature and a GOD given right to be able to change your mind, but you seem to take things to the max. When you first ran for mayor in 2001 you were a Republican. However right before that you were a Democrat. Then midway through your 2nd term as Mayor you changed your party affiliation again to Independent. You ran for 3rd term after publicly saying for years you were a strong advocate for term limits. Semantics aside, Your tendencies for abruptly changing your mind have affected the way people view you politically. I cannot say anything about you personally because I don’t know you and that would be unfair and stupid to say the least.

No one can doubt your business acumen. You are a billionaire and a self made billionaire at that. Don’t you think you’re pushing it a Lil too far with this whole beverage limit ordinance you’re trying to enact?

How can you tell adults what to drink, how much they’re allowed to drink? (Alcohol aside).

That’s crazy, but since your reason for taking this extreme position comes from a healthy place I have some other alternatives for you that as mayor can affect peoples lives in a healthy manner. Are you ready?

  1. Parks!- We Need more parks in the city with tracks. Granted the space needed to do this is valuable and can be used to let’s say build more condos (Being sarcastic). It is however neccessary.
  2. School Consolidating- Mr. Mayor ever since you took control of the City Schools they have become more confusing and poorly run. You need to stop closing schools because of performance and hire better teachers. The children lose in this situation because it creates an overcrowding situation in the schools. Also it promotes bullying because you have 6yr old kids in the same building as 14 yr old kids.
  3. Bike Lanes- How about Bike Lanes on wider streets. Please do not for the sake of being healthy make Bike Lanes on narrow streets or on main streets it’s a dangerous scenario.
  4. Free Clinics- Whatever happen to free clinics. We Need more of them city wide.
  5. After School Programs- I understand that the task of balancing a budget can be very daunting and extremely difficult especially when it calls for reductions and cuts in many needed areas of our society. However, cutting the education budget should never be on the table much less afterschool programs that allow for more physical activites to keep children active.

These are just a few ideas i have for you Mr. Mayor. I’m in no way trying to do your job but i do feel that a great leader should know how and when to listen this his or her constituents. Let’s continue to keep NY great and a world leader.

You know how to reach us, do you agree or disagree with the article?. #TellMeHowiLookNow.



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