Do You Find It Weird that?…

Do You find It Weird That?…or Am I Just Crazy?

There are so many things that occur in our society on a daily basis that just leaves me scratching my head. You know the saying common sense isn’t common anymore. So We’ve compiled a few things that we consider Weird, see if you agree:

1. Do You find It Weird That?…

Pharmacies sell Cigarettes!

pharmacies that sell cigarettes...smh!

pharmacies that sell cigarettes…smh!

Isn’t their sole purpose for existance is to help cure and sell items to the public for better health. Or Am I Just Crazy?

2. Do You find It Weird That?…

Poor people dress like rich people & rich people dress like they’re poor

Typical outfit for Mark Zuckerberg

Typical outfit for Mark Zuckerberg

Further proof that we live in a backward society. Ramel from the Projects has on an outfit that costs $600. Mark Z. (Facebook owner) wears nothing but jeans and a hoody that costs probably $100 total, if that. Or Am I Just Crazy?

3. Do You find It Weird That?…

Rappers brag about popping Mollys like it’s not a drug!

Trinidad James

Trinidad James

Man this is plain insane almost every Hip-Hop song now has a Molly (Short or street name for Molecule) reference in it. Rappers have bragged about Marijuana for the longest and it is debatable wether or not it’s acceptable in today’s society. However, this is the New Crack, literally. Molly’s can actually contain Crack Cocaine since it is a designer drug the person or people concocting it can mix it with anything known to man. There truly is no consistancy to it other than the main ingredient of Crystal Meth & MDMA . Don’t believe me look it up. Or Am I Just Crazy?

4. Do You find It Weird That?…

As a society we promote negativity & hate on positivity

Some people hate

Some people hate

For Example: How many times have you seen someone or some people get on tv or the internet just to say “Free_____”. Everybody is asked to chip in to help bail him/her out of jail. When that person may be locked up for murder or something real serious (Now this is not true in every case). The whole “Free_____” should be reserved for real innocent people. Not for ya mans & them, feel me?

Then on the flipside whenever you have someone doing something positive (I.E. Graduating from school) no one wants to chip in and help see them through. Most people just shun their nose up at their hard work and dedication. #manwegottodobetterpeople. Or Am I Just Crazy?

5. Do You find It Weird That?…

people in customer service always have bad attitudes?



It’s amazing how people whose jobs are to help inform/communicate with the public have nasty attitudes whenever there’s a question pertaining or concerning their job. Have you ever been to the DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles) and the  clerks get an attitude with you simply because they hate their job, or they’re tired, have a hangover, or just simply couldn’t  get the day off? It sucks the way people treat each other.

Let us know what you think, got anything to add? you know the particulars #TellMeHowiLookNow.

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