Underrated MC’S: Treach

Treach (Naughty By Nature)

Treach of Naughty By Nature
Name: Anthony CrissTreach (Naughty By Nature)
Hometown: E. Orange, N.J
Affiliation: Flavor Unit
Label: Tommy Boy
I have long said that I think Naughty By Nature had the best name in Hip-Hop. Also I have told many people hat Treach is a beast. It’s funny how whenever a list of the greatest mcs are compiled we always get the same cast of characters and rightfully so, to a certain degree. It’s time to start this bandwagon of acknowledgement for Treach. Blessed with the uncanny ability to create Hip-Hop anthems without flooding the verses with bubble gum non layered rhymes that are typically found in these kinds of songs. I Still remember hearing O.P.P for the first time thinking to myself this is going to be Big! Treach has this rapid fire flow that is unmatched when he’s in his element. Naughty By Nature has had a stellar career dating back to the release of 1991’s O.P.P. Treach was undoubtedly the vocal leader of the group as he was the lead MC. Dude had/has bars with an impressive resume of Hip-Hop classics & chart toppers including (Hip Hop Hooray, Everything’s gonna be alright, Uptown Anthem, Jamboree and plenty more). Treach is also known for being a sought after ghostwriter to many of your favorite artists and producers. Plain and simple if im making a list of Underrated MC’s, which i am Treach Of Naughty By Nature is on my list. Keep Spitting Treach
Hip Hop Quotable: Verse from “Craziest”
Verse 1: Treach
My thoughts are thundering, tumblin
Sons of bitches, switches, from yelling ta mumbling
You ain’t a pal of me, my family ties but not wit Mallory
My analogy ain’t for salary, as I roll reality thru galaxies
Four centuries, it’s sent to me with the scent of oiu
Witta chain representing penitentiaries
from Roman town to Borentown
From Newark to Illtown
And all you know from
lifers, Rikers ta foesome
Wasn’t driving to fast, I was flying to low
You think I’m rocking too quick, I think you’re listening to slow
I’m abrupting construction, a pumping assumption
You diss while your family say I’m the best shit since fucking
Struckin ’bout an obstruction or turning something of nothing
From more things to more things, it’s the rip in every function
Funking it up, pumping it up, chumping the ducks
Looking ta hump Ms. Junk in the trunk, pump pumpin me up
Keep in mind this is all rapid flow!.


Shout out to Naughty By Nature & Treach.

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