Underrated MC’S: Sticky Fingaz

Sticky fingaz (onyx)-
Name: Kirk Jones Sticky Fingaz (Onyx)
Hometown: Southside, Queens
Affiliation: Russell Simmons, Jam Master Jay
Label: JMJ Records
This guy has to be considered one of the illest mcs of all time. His delivery and lyricism set him apart from his band mates who at times seemed like they were just along for the ride. With all due respect to Fredro Starr & Sonee Seeza (Big DS was also apart of the group in the beginning but either left or was removed) Onyx’s main attraction was Sticky Fingaz. He was the type of Mc where people couldn’t wait to hear his verse. We all knew what to expect from Stickys’ clever wordplay raunchy lyrics and straight up skill and we normally had to wait until the 3rd verse to hear from him. Definitely a strategic move made by the group so that the other members would be heard. Nonetheless Onyx was a tremendous Hip Hop group, all due respect to Sticky Fingaz.
Hop Hop Quotable: Verse From Betta Off Dead
verse 3: Sticky Fingaz
So all let up on the fact
that I’m a nigga that can just beat your mother fucking ass
to hurt your feelings
cause your shit is trash
too many people like me
cause they’re not worthy
destruct my coalition
its a demolition derby
through all that spit you talk
and make the mic smell like saliva
yick! you need to retire
I’m ahead of my time
in my prime
one of a kind
and out of my mind!
and ain’t nothin in this world free so me I’ma kick a pay style
I don’t got no smile I was abused as a child
my moms gave birth to a crazy ass wilder
bust out her pussy with a mother fuckin gun
started talking slang
even joined a gang
the suicide scums
I sold jums to the bums
I was the hand to hand man pullin in clubs
then I started dealin
robbin and stealin
if not for killing then I’m known as a villain
if you want problems I’m ready and willing
and I’ll get up in your mouth like a fucking filling




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