Underrated MC’s: Chino XL

Chino XL-

Chino XL
This dude here never got the credit he deserved as being one of the nicest lyricists ever, I mean ever! I think that his label American Recordings was just too small for his talent (Sorry Rick Rubin). Or maybe Chino was just too raw lyrically, nonetheless dude was/is a beast. They didn’t have the where with all to make him into a household name, who knows. Also he never really had he hit songs. His songs were always kind of wordy. That was because he always felt like spitting BS lyrics is worst than not selling records, i suppose. Either way no one can take anything away from this mans verbal abilities, not too many rappers would even dare spit with him on the same track, With good reason. If you want to talk about straight lryics not record sales or fame. Then this man should be in everyones top 10 list, hands down. Shout out to Chino XL!
Name: Derek Keith Barbosa Chino XL
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Affiliation: Rick Rubin
Label: American Recordings
Hip Hop Quotable: Chino XL Verse from “Beef Ain’t Over”
Verse 1
I copped the Clark Kent joint, now what the fuck you gonna do?
Yo, I’ma spit till my whole bodies devoid of all this fluid
And you cant even do it, imagine how ill I can get
You just assume to see Britney Spears on the cover of Jet
The government is after me for being internationally dastardly
Just ask the real MC’s who this illest yellow bastard be
battle me and win if we battle to see who’s the brokest
I’m sicker than seeing Kelly Price doing aerobics
Sicker than finding out firsthand Jennifer Lopez cant fuck
Sicker than seeing Richard Pryor in his wheelchair doing stand up
And what, I’m first, mom told me stay in my place
But I still never met my match like my ass and Shabba’s face
Got real ways to bring terror, so you better
think twice about fuckin around with me like you see Tia and Tamera
Or avoid me totally, all consider with caution
Similar to deciding wether or not to drink after Magic Johnson
I Squash and hunt men with David Carradine Tai Kung Fu
The Rappers I’m writing rhymes for should be writing rhymes for you.



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