Underrated MC’s: Chip Fu (Fu-Schnickens)


20130319-104112.jpgChip Fu (Fu-Schnickens)

Man you want to talk about verbal gymnastics look no further. This man Chip Fu (of the Hip Hop Trio Fu-Schnickens) was a rapid fire flame spitting/carribean chatting monster. If you think Twista spits rapid (which he does) you have to listen to some of Chip-Fu bars. Every group has a front man/lead singer so to speak. Chip-Fu was that guy for his group which consisted of fellow MC’s Moc-Fu & Poc-Fu. He was the Stickey fingaz, The Treach of his group listeners couldn’t wait for his verse to come. He was/is one of those MC’s that posess that ability to make the listeners say “yo you heard what he just said“. Not just because he would say it so fast but because he was pure nice. He never quite got his props outside of the true Hip-Hop circle, the people who listen for lyricism. Largely due to the fact that his group never really gain mainstream acclaim outside from singles they released joints like “True Fu-Schnick”, “La-Schmoove”, “What’s Up Doc?/Can We Rock?” which then featured a young Shaquille O’Neal“Break It Down” which was the lead single on their 2nd studio album. Bottom line is i challenge anyone stay anything negative about this man’s skills in front of anyone who is a true Hip-Hop fan, see the response you’ll get. Shout out to Chip-Fu, you’re truly an underrated MC!

Name: Roderick Roachford (Chip-Fu)

Hometown: East Flatbush, Brooklyn

Affiliation: A Tribe Called Quest

Label: Jive

Hip Hop Quotable: Chip-Fu

Verse 2 from “Break It Down”

ah, ah, ah, ah-choo!
What to do? timbuck-one, timbuck-two
I can’t see a t’ing like Mr. Magoo
The sniveling, huh-huh-ha
c-c-c-coughing, hah-choo!
Stuffy, naughty, nappy
Check-a the box, dreadlox fox
So na, hic-up, na, hic-up
What’s up? tic-tic-tock, oops!
Shiver me timber now boots
Oh my gosh, oh my goose
Shucks, yo now I huh, huh, hah, got the hic-ups
And I rips up many tracks
Jumpin’ Johosafat
Don’t make a sound, I see you rabbit
Tracks, like thunder and lightening
Watch the frightening, can’t you tell?
I’m loco, ooh, they don’t know very well, so
I lumps ’em, bruise ’em, with black eyes and stitches
They’re mad, can we run
>From rags unto riches
Now my scruples, I lose ’em
Damage, I bruise ’em
I’m two-faced kid, so call me the ?? from ??
I got secrets, Bo, I don’t know
Like loco, I’m ???
I’m changing, visions blurry
So call me, um, Quasemoto
And yo, I’ll switch up
switch up
switch up
With or without the hic-ups, these emcess quickly pick up
Then I freak my Fu-schnick styles to the microphone
Yo, rip it
And I freaks it
freaks it
When I freaks it with my drunken technique
I’m makin’ pimps squeak
But now it’s whacker than the ???
Way up shits creek
So don’t sleep, when it’s time to creep
We roll my jeep
And if the shit gets kind of thick, here comes the five sticks freak
To break you down

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