Doing It For Spike I Mean Bikes!

Doing It For Spike I Mean Bikes!

CitiBike is coming Nay! i mean Yay!

CitiBike Logo

CitiBike Logo

As you may notice that i’m a New Yorker to the bone, never satisfied yet always championing my love for my city. I fully understand our place in the world as a “Global City” i get it, it means were held to a much higher standard than other cities. The shining example of how a “major” city should conduct itself. So it should come to no surprise that the leadership of our great city thinks in this manner as well. Our Mayor Mike Bloomberg Knows whats best for us and he shows us this everyday. He knows that we want to become healthier why else would he try to tell us that we can not purchase beverages over the city limit of 16 ozs? Why else would he create bike lanes on narrow streets? Of course i’m being sacastic i actually have a great deal of Respect for our Mayor.

He took over the city in a real sensitive time right after the events of 9/11. It goes without saying that he is indeed a very weathy man and he tries his very best to relate to the average Joe. He uses mass transit to get to work as a good will gesture of course and not to mention the fact that he only pays himself $1 a year for his salary, im guessing he probably doesn’t needs the extra cash. However, i do not want to dwell on the Mayor for this post we’ve done that before (see Open letter To the Mayor of NYC, Mike Bloomberg).

CitiBike Bike Dock

CitiBike Bike Dock

As a New Yorker and a Motorist i have a few complaints if you may abou the new “CitiBike” program. First, let me say on the record i think this is a great idea. Conceptually it works, however in reality there are some not too well thought out aspects of this program. In a city of over 8 million people, half of which own cars. Parking in many neighborhoods are at a premium. There are so many rules, regulations, street cleaning that prohibit cars from parking at certain times and locations.

1. Why would you place them in high car volume areas where parking is already at a premium.

Street Bike Post

Street Bike Post

2. Why wouldn’t you place on or near the curb to protect shrinking parking square footage in the city( For the record there are many of them placed on sidewalks and not just street areas).

3. It’s bad enough we have to deal with Hollywood taking over our Neighborhoods weeks and sometimes months at a time to film movies.

Move Your Car! Hollywood is coming!

Move Your Car! Hollywood is coming!

4. You have your ticket agents and tow trucks at the ready at one slight infraction, this only causes more strife and headaches for the residents of these communites.

5. Place them in a Downtown area not a Residential area, duh?

NYC CitiBike Program: Pricing (See Link Below)

Again i want to clearly state i think conceptually this is a great idea and i know that this maybe popular in other cities as well. We just need to rethink some of the strategies to make sure the plan runs a lot smoother so that all New Yorkers Benefit.

Still can’t believe people will rent Bikes especially with those time limit restrictions but hey you never know, right? BTW have those credit cards ready!

As always your thoughts are welcomed.


3 thoughts on “Doing It For Spike I Mean Bikes!

  1. I’m lucky enuff to not have to deal wit parking problems but it took me leaving my beloved Brooklyn. I feel downtown and spreading deeper in bk has done more to make white America happy wit Brooklyn since 9/11….. But meanwhile old school bk heads have seen their rent raised to historical rates, parking decreased due to bike lanes everywhere… More pubs and hippy hangouts…. I’m ok with all races living and enjoying each other but don’t push some out to make it more comfy for others…… Btw fuck them bikes!!!! Fuck citi bank too

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