Greatest Duets: Rick James & Teena Marie “Fire & Desire”

Greatest Duets: Rick James & Teena Marie “Fire & Desire”


Man you want to talk about classic joints. This song “Fire & Desire” was the ultimate love song made by a duo. It had everything lyrics, melody, dialog and two of the most versatile and influential artist of their day. The song was over 7 minutes long but it felt more like 2 min. Rick James was so on point with the production and arrangement of this song. Teena Marie was so spot on her performance on that song turned her into a household name and a major force to be wreckoned with. It was a perfect blend of Power Vocals and Smooth Riffs. It’s no wonder Motown gave him free reign over his projects. Which was very rare for them to do. You know a song is classic when ya know all of the adlibs and dialog verbatim. Way before Rick was known for the Dave Chappelle endorsed phrase ” I’m Rick James, B*tch!” this man was a certified hit maker.


Click the link below to purchase the song via iTunes.


Below: Rick James & Teena Marie performing their classic hit at the 4th annual B.E.T Awards on June 30th, 2004. This was the last time they perfornmed together. Rick James Died 2 months on August 6th, 2004 later of a heart attack. Teena Marie has since passed as well on December 26th, 2010 of natural causes at the tender age of 54. R.I.P to them both legends who connected to make one of the Greatest R&B Duets of Alltime.



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