The Last Dragon (Recasted)

The Last Dragon (Recasted)



First things First i would like to say RIP to Julius J. Carry III & Leo O’Brien

It has to be noted that i’m a extreme die hard fan of the movie The Last Dragon. It will forever go down in history as my favorite movie of all time. Star Trek fans are refferred to as Trekies so i guess you could call me a Last Dragonite. Over the course of time since the movie was released it has been rumored many times about a remake or a continuation of the story (Part II). Taimak (Bruce LeRoy) himself was pushing a script many years ago, then i heard Samuel L. Jackson and The Rza (Wu-Tang Clan) were working on a script as well. If there ever comes a point in time when a remake is on the agenda i feel i know just the right people for the job, of course as usual this only my opinion. I know this has been done before many blog sites, magazines and forums have all come up with what they feel would be a good cast for a remake. Here’s mine.

Here goes…:

Original role Played By New Actor

Bruce LeRoy Taimak > Tristan Wilds


Sho’Nuff Julius J. Carry III > Busta Rhymes


Laura Charles Vanity > Meagan Good


Eddie Arcadian Chris Murney > Jason Alexander


Angela Viracco Faith Prince > Katy Perry


Richie Green Leo O’Brien > Astro Kid (Rapper)


Rock Mike Starr > Kevin James


Director Michael Schultz Gina PrinceByTheWood


I enjoy(ed) this movie so much that i almost don’t want them to remake it, I don’t want this movie ruined. I never understood why a part 2 was never made. I guess it was because the actors wanted too much money, i guess. But that’s how it goes with everything. Athletes want more and negociate for money when their contract is up this should be no different . This movie, since it’s 1985 release this movie has gained cult status. Whatever they decide to do i’ll support it. #TellMeHowiLookNow.

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17 thoughts on “The Last Dragon (Recasted)

  1. My “The Last Dragon” remake cast-

    Jaden Smith: as Leroy Green Jr.

    Anthony Michael Hobbs: Richie Green

    Michael Jai White: Sho Nuff

    Michael Moh: Johnny Yu

    Rihanna: Laura Charles

    Jason Alexander: Eddie Arcadian

    Richard Warburton: Rock

    Miley Cyrus: Angela Viracco

    Taimak: Mr. Leroy Green Sr.

    Taraji P. Henson: Mrs. Green

    Noah Ringer: Tia

    Jackie Chan: Chinese Master

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