What’s Trending!: Flixel, Moving Pics are Here!

Ever wonder in the back of your mind how cool it would be to have a moving picture. Well wonder no more there is a new cool and interactive app And social networking platform that allows you to do just that. Remember how MySpace made social networking fun and interactive. Then Facebook did that too but it was more personal and detailed. Twitter then came out with the same idea just streamlined. Instagram was the next leap this time with a photos only concept. What could be next? Enter Vine, a great video tool that allows you to record video in clips to streamline your thoughts into 6 seconds or less. I thought wow Instagram maybe in trouble then they begs. To use this as well only bigger (record up to 15 seconds of film). Vine is in trouble. So what could possibly be next? Everything has already Been done. Not so fast there is not a way to take a still picture with moving elements to it.

Imagine taking a pic of yourself on he beach but the water in the ocean is still moving. That’s cool isn’t it. You’re saying to yourself how is this done. Check it out.
It’s very simple the idea is you’re taking a still picture.

However, the picture is being recorded like a 2 second video. So this allows you to pick and choose the moving elements in the pic. Swipe the pic and edit the pic as you see fit. It’s really quite fun and adds a new and different element to social networking.

So far only Apple users can use this App but I’m pretty sure that android will have it too. So be on the look out for it.

Apple users just go to the App Store and download the app Flixel for Free. There is also a pro version which cost $9.99.

You can also watch America’s Next Top Model Cycle 2.0 Fridays @ 9pm eastern on the CW Network. Watch how Trya and the models utilize the Flixel app.

This is Cutting Edge technology, and will be used to its full capacity in the near future. Don’t sleep on this & you can’t say we didn’t tell you.
They’re still working on the connection to Facebook to allow you to post on it too.

Flixel is similar to Facebook because you can Add friends you have a wall that allows you to see your friends wall.




So what do you think?

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